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Subject: FLORIN Home Page
Date: 5 Sep 1996 19:55:31 GMT
Organization: DataX/FLORIN, Inc.

FLORIN Information System Home Page is available on


FLORIN is an information system designed to deal with a wide range of
data about plants: taxonomy and nomenclature, geographic distribution,
herbarium and living collections, detailed information about plants
collected in the wild, bibliographic data, etc.  Personal MS-DOS and
multiuser Unix versions are available.  The System supprots data entry
and modification, query-by-example templates, configurable reports,
data browsing, loading and importing data, GIS interface for
geographic data, automated generation of labels for collections,
collection management, data protection and authorization, Internet
access, etc.

You are welcome!

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               FLORIN Home Page: "http://www.florin.ru/florin/"
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