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   We have compiled a list of Cool Agricultural Sites for your enjoyment.
   This listing is based on content, uniqueness, layout, and graphics. If
   your site appears in this list make sure to download your cool site
   award from AgView.
    Cool Sites this Month:
          Chemistry & Industry [IMAGE]
          International business and science magazine publishes news,
          opinion and features on agricultural topics including
          pesticides, fertilisers, nitrates, transgenic crops and
          animals, biofuels, and sustainable agriculture. Web site
          includes daily food/agricult...
          EarthWatch Communications, Inc. [IMAGE]
          EarthWatch is a software package that integrates 3-D weather
          visualization with a global database to create a virtual world.
          EarthWatch Communications, Inc. currently serves the broadcast,
          educational, GIS, post-production and film markets with direct
          Horse Interactive [IMAGE]
          This site features in-depth, easy-to-read articles on equine
          health care topics such as first-aid for soft-tissue injuries,
          neonatal foal problems, EPM, respiratory disease, Olympic
          concerns, equine cancer, pregnancy and the performance mare,
          nutrition, a...
          House Rabbit Society [IMAGE]
          House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit
          organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the
          public on rabbit care. Our web site contains educational
          material relating to house rabbits, as well as on line adoption
          Kansas City Board of Trade [IMAGE]
          For more than 100 years, the Kansas City Board of Trade has
          been the world's predominant marketplace for hard red winter
          wheat, the major ingredient in the world's bread. In 1982, the
          KCBT introduced the first U.S. stock index futures contract,
          based on t...
          Michigan Department of Agriculture [IMAGE]
          This is a starting point for information about food safety,
          animal welfare, Michigan food products, gasoline purity, the
          laws and regulations that govern agricultural businesses, and
          many other topics of interest to people who live, work or do
          business in...
          New York Cotton Exchange [IMAGE]
          The Exchange, a not-for-profit corporation, consists of 450
          members which represent either commercial users, commission
          houses or themselves. Since its founding, the exchange has been
          an integral part of the cotton industry and today is the
          world's premie...
          Primary Industries & Energy Network (PIENet) [IMAGE]
          Primary Industries and Energy Network PIENet is the main entry
          point to electronic information provided by the Department of
          Primary Industries and Energy DPIE, portfolio organisations and
          associated agencies. PIENet also contains a comprehensive
   Past Cool Sites:
     * AccuWeather
     * Ask Earl - The Yard Care Answer Guy
     * Breeds of Livestock
     * Cascadian Farm
     * Census of Agriculture
     * Chicago Board of Trade
     * CyberFarm
     * Environmental Working Group (EWG)
     * Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
     * International Weather Network
     * Internet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
     * Monsanto
     * National 4-H Council
     * National Ag Safety Database
     * STAT Publishing's Commodity News
     * Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)
     * The Weather Channel
     * USDA Economics and Statistics System
     * Whitney Farms Organic Gardening
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