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Thanks for your interest in our publications.  I'll send our order form and
also our latest publications news. This may take two email messages as AOL
limits us to 28K per email piece.

Here goes:

Yankee Permaculture Order Form
P.O. Box 2052, Ocala FL 34478 USA
Please enter Name, Address (including country) and eMail address.
Insert Name, postal address, and email address.  Please don't forget to
include your country.

* The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS), Vol. II,
prepublication, $25.00.
* The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS), Vol. I, 100 pp.
LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION, TIPS, $250. (Reduced price--we're getting older!)
* The International Permaculture Species Yearbook (TIPSY)
   TIPSY #4, 144 pp, $15.
   TIPSY # 3,  96 pp, $11.
   TIPSY # 2,  74 pp, $8.50.
   TIPSY # 1,  72 pp, $8.50.
All four TIPSYS     SPECIAL PRICE     $35.00.
* TRIP (Global Green Directory), Vol. VI, about 1870  listings, + update
service, $25.00.
* TRIP  on 3.5-inch Computer Disk, Mac formats, $50. PC formats, $60.

* Permaculture, A Designers' Manual, Bill Mollison (AKA A Practical
Guide...), $55.
* Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison, $20.             REDUCED FROM
* Designing & Maintaining Your Edible Landscape - Naturally,  Robert Kourik,
* Permaculture II, Bill Mollison, $19.
* The Man Who Planted Hope & Grew Happiness, Giono.  $2.50.
* Personal Action Guide for the Earth, Friends of the UN.  $2.00.
* Rights to Our Genetic Resources, Sahabat Alam Malaysia.  $2.00.
* The Humanure Handbook, A Guide  to Composting Human Manure, J. C. Jenkins
* Water for Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline Plan,  P.A. Yeomans. New Improved
Edition.  $30.00
* The  Caretaker Gazette  [Creative Access to Land] Subscription, $24.
* PROD: Permaculture  Review, Overview, and  Digest.  4 issues, $15
* Robin Newsletter. Serves Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network &  Permaculture
Solutions Networks.  $15.

* Forest Ecosystem Rescue Membership (Includes Robin  sub) $15-50, sliding

Complete Set of 15 Pamphlets.  Bill Mollison......$35.00
Complete Set on 3.5" Floppy Disk (MS Word for Mac, inquire about other
I     An Introduction to Permaculture. (Updated resources.).....$3.50
II    Permaculture in Humid Landscapes......$7.50
III   Permaculture in Arid Landscapes.....$3.75
IV   Permaculture on Low Islands.  (See V for combined price.) 
V    Permaculture on High Islands.  (IV, V, & VI offered as one
VI   Permaculture on Granitic Landscapes.  (See V for combined price.)
VII  Permaculture for Fire Control.  (See XV for combined price.)
VIII Designing for Permaculture.(New material added, new edition).....$8.50
IX   Permaculture Techniques.(New material added, new edition).....$8.50
X    Forests in Permaculture......$6.25
XI   Water in Permaculture.  (New Edition).....$3.75
XII  Permaculture for Urban Areas & Urban-Rural Linkages.With New Resource
XIII The Permaculture Community......$2.00
XIV The Permaculture Alternative......$2.50
XV  Permaculture for Millionaires......2.50

* The Onions,  compiled by Bill Mollison......$2.00
* The Palms, compiled by Bill Mollison......$3.50
* Useful Bamboos, compiled by Andrew Jeeves. Includes new list of bamboo
* Useful Cactus, Agave and Aloe Species, compiled by Reny Slay......$3.50
* Useful Climbing Plants, compiled by Bill Mollison......$4.50
* Useful Plants of Wetlands, compiled by Bill Mollison......$4.00
* Panchavati: The Sacred Ayurvedic Grove of India,  compiled by Bill Mollison
& Reny Slay......$3.50
* Bioregional Organization, by Bill Mollison......$2.00
* Important Legumes of Use, compiled by John Fargher.  NEW EDITION EASIER TO
* Erosion: Principles and Management, by John Fargher......$4.50
* Arid Land Water Harvesting, by John Fargher......$4.00
* The Oaks,  by John Fargher......$2.00
* Domestic Energy, Mollison, et al.. NORTH AMERICAN EDITION UPDATED IN
* Village Power Generation & Energy Conservation, Mollison. UPDATED
* Permaculture Village Development, Mollison. Extensive resource
* Gardening Articles, by Dan Hemenway. Reprints......$5.00
* Composting Human Wastes, by Dan Hemenway & David Stephens. Reprints. Frank
* Basic Permaculture Article,  by Dan Hemenway.  Reprint......$1.50
* Pig Raising and Free Range Forage Species,  by Bill Mollison......$2.50
* Circle Garden Patterns.  One page of drawings by Richard Webb, text by Dan
* Permaculture Design Client Survey. 20 pages of questions. UPDATED Price
includes review of answers by * Dan Hemenway, author.  Available for license
to other permaculture designers......$500.00
* Permaculture Center Proposal, UPDATED . By  Dan & Cynthia
* Elfin Permaculture Press List. 700+ entries.  Print. Inquire about
availability on computer disk......$30.00
* The Elfin Permaculture Design Course. UPDATED OUTLINE.....$4.00
* Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (FERN)  Information Packet.  Public domain
reprints for activists, teachers, students and others. Extensive list of
active groups, frequently updated......$15.00
* Special Order Catalog. Permaculture designs, species lists, resource lists,
data bases, transla-tions, out of print papers, etc., available on a custom
basis. Includes descriptions......$3.50
* The Politics of Diversity by Vandana Shiva. (Reprint from Permaculture
Activist .) Very important!.....$3.50
* The Permaculture Resource Directory, Richard Webb. The bible for anyone in
* Articles About Soil, by Dan Hemenway. Reprints from Soil Remineralization ,
et al......$6.00
* Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics, by Frank Martin. (Add $2.50
for 3-ring binder.).....$20.00
* Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics on Floppy Disk. Mac, $35. PC,
$60. Specify.
* List of Useful Publications.  About 650 entries from the TRIP data base.
Included with TRIP......$10.00
* Reference package. #23, #29, & #32.  Minimal overlap. Names & addresses of
thousands of publications......$45.00
* Kudzu Utilization Concept Paper, by Dan Hemenway. UPDATED .....$5.00
* A Guide to Yankee Permaculture Publications - 1983-1995. 6 pp, 17
* Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics,  Frank Martin. REDUCED FROM
* Permaculture Supplier List. 700+ addresses. Print out, $50. Mac 3.5" disk,
$50; PC, $60.

* Elfin Permaculture Slide/Script Presentations for sale
* Hosting Permaculture Lectures &/or Weekend Workshops.
* Elfin Permaculture Design & Consulting Services.
* Hosting 10 or 14 day  workshops, or 3-week design courses.
* Elfin Permaculture Workshops:
         * 1 10-14 days.
         * Weekends.
* Advanced Permaculture Training (APT) Programs.
* Elfin Permaculture Services for Design Course Graduates.
1 Elfin Permaculture Internships/Apprentices/Volunteers.
* Reading List for Elfin Permaculture Workshops & Courses.
* Elfin Permaculture Design Correspondence Course.
* Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network's Tree Bank Program.
* Contents Pages, back TIPSY journals.
* YPC Publications & Databases on Computer Disk
* Custom Searches of YPC Databases
Number of sheets ordered                                 X   $1.00    =

SUBTOTAL  (Minimum order,
............................................ $____________
Postage & Handling  US addresses add 10% of first $150 of order. Elsewhere
add 20 %.  MINIMUM P&H - US$3.00,.... $____________
Contributions to supply literature  requested by "Third World" groups, grade
school students, etc.............   $____________
Other Contributions (Scholarship fund, Tree Tithe,  "Third World" courses,
etc.  Please specify)..........................  $____________
TOTAL Enclosed is my check or money order payable to Yankee Permaculture
 MINIMUM TOTAL, US$8.00...... ____________ $____________
    * A  service charge will be assessed for correspondence on orders which
are underpaid or unclear. Because of exorbitant bank fees to exchange
non-U.S. currency into U.S. dollars, 
we can only accept payment by check drawn on a U.S. bank or by International
Postal Money Order in U.S. dollars.  IMPORTANT--Make postal money orders
payable exactly as fol-lows:  
"Dan or Cynthia Hemenway." The U.S. Post office may refuse to cash money
orders payable to Yankee Permaculture!  
   A SERVICE CHARGE of at least $15.00 will be assessed for returned checks.
 We do not carry accounts--payment must accompany order.
   REFUND POLICY:  There will be no refunds for permaculture papers and
pamphlets or for any publications bought on sale, as part of a set, or at
discount. Also there are no refunds 
on slide/script sets, special order publications, and other materials
provided on a custom basis. All other publications returned within 30 days of
shipment (exceptions made for orders 
shipped surface mail) in new condition will be refunded without question.  NO
REFUNDS on computer disks. We will replace defective disks or publications
returned within 60 days.
   CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  It  is your responsibility to notify us if your
address changes. Be sure to let us know of  your subscriptions and any other
outstanding orders.  Include your 
order number and your old address.
   TREE TITHE:  As of January 1, 1985, all Yankee Permaculture publications
carry in their price a Tree Tithe.  We set aside this money for re-planting
trees to compensate for those cut 
to make the paper that we use.  Contributions to the Tree Tithe Fund are
____Please send information about bulk orders of your publications. I enclose
a SASE or international return mail coupon.
____Please add the name(s) of my friend(s) to  your mailing list.  They are
attached. I enclose a contribution for printing and postage.

Last update 8/19/96

For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since
1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
consulting and permaculture designs (since 1981), and The Forest Ecosystem
Food Network.  P.O. Box 2052, Ocala FL 34478-2052 USA.

"We don't have time to rush."