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Title: "Cool" Archives from OPENAIR-MARKET NET

Archives of Official "Cool" Stuff from OPENAIR-MARKET NET

Vendor of the Week (1/14/96) - Bagel Vendor (and Horse Market) Kashgar, China.

Market of the Week (1/21/96) - A Morning at the Pasar Tani (Malaysia)

Website of the Week ( 1/28/96) - American Farmland Trust

Market of the Week (2/4/96) - Columbus Circle Greenmarket (some of the stalls are staffed by homeless people & ex-addicts)

Website of the Week (2/18/96) - FarmMARKET - The National Urban Market Center at Purdue U.

Website of the Week (2/25/96) - Libraries for the Future - resources for a diverse and literate civic community.

Vendor of the Week (3/3/96): Open air barber shop, Havana, Cuba

Market of the Week (3/10/96): Aloha Flea Market , Hawaii

Website of the Week (3/17/96): The Public Market Collaborative

Market of the Week (3/24/96): Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon

Website of the Week (4/7/96): The Internet Resale Directory.

Market of the Week (4/14/96): Le Marche en Fer, Haiti

Market of the Week (4/21/96): Byward Market - Ottawa, Canada

Website of the Week (4/28/96): Farmers' Markets, Los Angeles

Website of the Week (5/5/96): Victoria Markets, Australia

Market of the Week (5/12/96) Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco

Website of the Week (5/19/96) Moscow Postcards Slides Show - many market scenes

Market of the Week (5/26/96) Crossroads Market- Calgary, Alberta

Website of the Week (6/2/96) Travelocity Marketplace Guide

Website of the Week (6/9/96) Navrongo Market, Ghana

Website of the Week (6/16/96) Cromer's P-Nuts

Market of the Month (7/1/96) Sangha market, Mali

Website of the Month (8/1/96) Lee's Flea Market Guide