Scientists Endorse Ozone Chemical Ban (fwd)

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Subject: Scientists Endorse Ozone Chemical Ban

For your info.  This relates to current issues, like the scheduled ban to phase
out the Class 1 ozone depleting pesticide Methyl Bromide that manufacturers are
fighting.  P. Dines

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Dutch scientists reported in today's issue of the journal Nature 
that international action to fend off depletion of the earth's 
ozone layer averted a skin cancer epidemic.  Researchers at 
Utrech University estimated that up to 1.5 million skin cancer 
cases were averted each year in the U.S. alone.  They concluded 
that global policymakers dodged a disaster by acting to prevent 
further erosion of the Earth's protective ozone layer.  The study 
bolsters previous scientific findings supporting the phaseout of 
halocarbons -- ozone destroying chemicals.

Last fall, House Majority Whip Tom Delay (R-TX) and other 
Republican congressional leaders called for lifting of the ban, 
citing scientific uncertainty.