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Dear colleagues,

The World_Wide_Web (WWW) is an excellent platform for
scientific publishing, which offers a lot of advantages,
for example:

        - Nonlimited worldwide access
        - Fast publication of articles
        - Graphical features (i.e. coloured figures
          and photos)
        - Direct and easy communication among author(s)
          and reader(s)
        - Fast and topic related document search

Since nearly all universities, research laboratories and
institutions are connected to the Internet almost everyone
has access to the informations the WWW offers.
SCIENCES of SOILS was established to benefit from these
advantages and to make them available to soil


SCIENCES of SOILS - An Overview

1. The journal
2. Additional features
3. Availability
4. Articles for the first and further issues
5. Contacting the editor
6. Questions ?


1. The journal

SCIENCES of SOILS publishes articles in a broad range of topics
of general interest to soil-scientists. They may include new
results obtained experimentally, descriptions of new experimental
methods of pedological importance, or new interpretations of existing
results. Theoretical contributions will be considered equally.

The journal is subdivided into different sections covering all
aspects of soil science and related topics:

        Soil-Biology and Soil-Biochemistry
        Modelling and Statistics in Soil Science
        Soil and Environment


2. Additional features

SCIENCES of SOILS offers information to serve as an inter-
national meeting point for everybody interested in soil science,
for example:

        News and Announcements
        Soil Science in the WWW
        Scientific Discussions


3. Availability

SCIENCES of SOILS is expected to be available at the beginning of
May/1996 in the Internet. If you like to receive information when
SCIENCES of SOILS is definitely present in the WWW and its Internet-
adress, please send an email to the editor. Use the keyword

        SoS - Mailing List

first in the SUBJECT-field of your email-program header.


4. Articles for the first and further issues

Articles or short communications for the first issue can still be
taken into consideration. If you are interested in publishing in
SCIENCES of SOILS, please contact the editor stating when you will be
able to send your manuscript.


5. Contacting the editor

You may contact the editor via

        email: hintzet@uni-trier.de
        phone/fax: +49 / (0)651 / 47163


6. Questions ?

If you have questions 

        - concerning this journal,
        - about publishing in SCIENCES of SOILS,
        - about submitting articles or information

use the adresses stated above.
Questions sent via email (preferred) should contain the keyword

        SoS - Questions

first in the SUBJECT-field of your email-program header


Please tell your colleagues about SCIENCE of SOILS, or forward
this email to them.

Thank you very much

Please feel free to contribute to SCIENCES of SOILS in every way you
think it could be useful to this journal,to make it interesting and

Trier (Germany), 3/4/96

        Thomas Hintze



In addition to this email you receive a 
mail called " SoS - Instructions " which contains in-
structions for authors for publishing in the first issue.

    Dr. Thomas Hintze
    Kurfuerstenstr. 13
    D-54295 Trier

    [phone/fax: +49 / (0)651-47163]    
    [email: hintzet@uni-trier.de]