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Title: Agriculture Home Page

[Cow icon] Agriculture

This home page links together many (but not necessarily all) sources of agricultural information available on the World Wide Web.

[Ball icon] Extension Servers
Based at Cornell University, this menu has links to a number of agricultural telnet and gopher sites throughout the United States. The links are mostly to universities, but there also links to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)and the National Library of Medicine.
[Ball icon] Agriculture / Biosciences Information Sources
Also based at Cornell, this menu has links to over 50 gopher sites and web servers. The sites are academic, government, and private organizations spread throughout North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. There is also a link to a list of ftp sites for agriculture/bioscience info.
[Ball icon] Available WAIS Databases
A menu of WAIS sites with agriculture-related information.
[Ball icon] Various Agricultural Sites
Another central site, based at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, that is linked to various sites in the United States, Israel, and Australia including links to the USDA, the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Services, and the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
[Ball icon] Galaxy Agriculture Server
This server is linked to over 30 agricultural sites around the world. There is a list of links to sub-topics and/or related topics. Also there is a utility to do keyword searches in the local Galaxy pages and entries, in the World Wide Web, and in the Gopher sites.
[Ball icon] Agricultural Info
This entry is a small grouping of telnet, gopher, and ftp sites in the U.S. It is from the Agriculture entry in the World Wide Web Virtual Library.
[Ball icon] O'Reilly and Associates Server
This menu provides an interface to a keyword search utility for a variety of U.S. agriculture sites.
[Ball icon] Not Just Cows
This gopher site provides an exhaustive guide to Internet/Bitnet resources in agriculture and related sciences.
[Ball icon] Usenet Newsgroups of Interest:
alt.agriculture.fruit, alt.agriculture.misc, alt.sustainable.agriculture, bionet.agroforestry, sci.agriculture, sci.agriculture.beekeeping

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