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Title: The Garden Gate
The Garden Gate: Into the garden and beyond...

The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers links to useful and interesting sites around the world as well as a growing collection of original materials. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open! About The Garden Gate.

What's Coming into Bloom? (24-Nov-96)
Find out what's new at The Garden Gate.
The Gardener's Guide to Finding Answers on the Internet
The Garden Gate's useful pointers on how to zero in on answers to specific gardening questions.
Index to The Garden Gate
A quick way to find what you're looking for.
The Garden Spider's Web
Read my gardening column on GardenWeb. Current topic: 'Internet Resources for Gardeners'.

The Teaching Garden
Enough glossaries, FAQs, special topic WWW pages, collections, and plant lists to keep the info-junkies among us busy for quite a while.
The Gardener's Reading Room
Online books, magazines, and catalogs as well as catalog information. So make a cup of tea and pull up a comfy chair.
The Sun Room
Whether you call them houseplants, indoor plants, tropicals or greenhouse plants, you can learn how to stop killing them. Visit the Sun Room for plant life-saving information.
Down the Garden Path...
... and around the world for virtual garden tour of botanical gardens, greenhouses, and private gardens.
Gardening Software
Reviews of gardening and landscaping software plus links to informational product homepages.
Mailing Lists for Gardeners
Not getting enough e-mail? No excuses. Subscribe to a few of these mailing lists and fix that problem forever!
The Holding Bed
Where new links are heeled in until they are transplanted into their permanent spots. Or composted...
Gardening in Illinois
A resource for gardeners in East Central Illinois, Gardening in Illinois provides horticultural information specifically for our area, mini-tours of interesting places to visit, as well as our very own newsgroup.

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