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Title: Rural Living Links

The Cow Patty's Rural Living Links

To Ranching/Cattle-Related Links

Here's some interesting links:

Voice of Agriculture Connection // Agricultural Web Sites // CowTown America
What is Sustainable Agriculture? // Ag-Links // FarmTimes // Agricomm
Women & Rural Economic Development // Not Just Cows // Country Counselor
Modern Farm On-Line Country Store // Farmer's Hotline // Ostriches
Outhouse On-Line // MooMilk // Ft. Worth Stock Show // Mainstreet America
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society // Llama Connection // Diary Site
Poultry Info Exchange // Seneca Wire & Manufacturing // Rural Health Assn
R&M Ostrich Farm // Agriculture, Agri-Business, Forestry & Gardening
Rural Medical Services // Miniature Donkeys
Rural Resource Center // Livestock Guardian Dogs // Sustainable Futures for Grasslands
TEX*A*Syst(rural ground water) // AgView Search

Also try (but can't link) http://members.aol.com/marketfarm/farmers-market
Farmer's Market Online

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