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Title: Mailing lists related to agriculture

* Mailing lists related to agriculture


  • EMail Lists & USENET Discussion Groups related to Sustainable Agriculture

    Name                    Address                      subscribe
    sustag-l            sustag-l@beta.tricity.wsu.edu          listproc@listproc.wsu.edu
    ICPPGR-Breeding-L   ICPPGR-Breeding-L@mailserv.fao.org     mailserv@mailserv.fao.org
    mgarden             mgarden@listproc.wsu.edu               listproc@listproc.wsu.edu
    agmodels-l          agmodels-l@unl.edu                     listserv@unl.edu
    soils-l             soils-l@unl.edu                        listserv@unl.edu
    trickle-l           trickle-l@unl.edu                      listserv@unl.edu
    salinity-l          salinity-l@unl.edu                     listserv@unl.edu
    ecol-agric          ecol-agric@mailbase.ac.uk              listserv@mailbase.ac.uk
    dssat               dssat@uga.cc.uga.edu                   listserv@uga.cc.uga.edu
    peanut-l            peanut-l@uga.cc.uga.edu                listserv@uga.cc.uga.edu
    devel-l             devel-l@listserv.american.edu          listserv@listserv.american.edu
    intdev-l            intdev-l@uriacc.uri.edu                listserv@uriacc.uri.edu
    agric-l             agric-l@uga.cc.uga.edu                 listserv@uga.cc.uga.edu
    precise-agri        precise-agri@soils.umn.edu             almanac@soils.umn.edu
    biosys              uni.zeri.ibs@caren.net                 majordomo@caren.net
    ipm-mg              ipm-mg@ces.ncsu.edu                    almanac@ces.ncsu.edu
    sanet-mg            sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu                  almanac@ces.ncsu.edu
    irrigation-l        irrigation-l@vm.gmd.de                 listserv@vm.gmd.de
    graze-l             graze-l@taranake.ac.nz                 listserv@taranake.ac.nz
    BIOCONTROL-L        biocontrol-l@ftpt.br                   listserv@ftpt.br
    Holistic Resource  
         Management     chrm-general@igc.apc.org               Majordomo@igc.apc.org     
    EcoAgroforestry     eaf-l@eaf.com                          eaf-l-request@eaf.com

    The following lists have the same address at @listproc.wsu.edu.
    You can get the entire list by sending the message: lists to: listproc@listproc.wsu.edu

    sustag-l    sustag-l@listproc.wsu.edu    principles of sustainable agriculture
    d-mgt       dairy management
    compost     Home Composting
    natfood-l   Native American Foods
    water-l     Water Quality, Non-point pollution
    goats       Goat Management
    bugnet      Integrated Insect Management

    Also try the USENET groups:

    alt.folklore.herbs - Discussion of all aspects of herbs and their uses.
    bionet.agroforestry - Discussion of Agroforestry.
    bionet.plants - Discussion of all aspects of plant biology.
    bionet.biology.tropical - Discussion of all aspects of tropical biology
    rec.gardens - Gardening, methods and results.


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