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Title: Cohort Environmental Engineering
Cohort Environmental Engineering ... toward a sustainable environment

Cohort Environmental Engineering is committed to providing technical and ecological methods of managing the most critical resource of the 20th century - WATER.
We represent a consortia of companies who provide specialist technologies in the areas of :-

urban design water and irrigation management
plant varieties soil reclamation and revegetation
erosion control landscape design and installation

NEW Intelligent Irrigation Booklet NEW

Cohort are proud to present this online version of their popular booklet Intelligent Irrigation. Click here for the table of contents.
FREE copies of this book can be obtained by emailing Bernadette Good. The authors can be contacted for comments or further details by emailing Colin Austin.

Major Consortia Companies

Cohort consortia companies represent the best of Australia's expertise and technology, and include :-

DRW Water Management
Since 1987, DRW Water Management Pty Ltd have been developing and perfecting the most advanced irrigation control system on the market today. The complete DRW irrigation management system combines the use of in-soil moisture sensing probes, in-field data linking and collecting units and computer based irrigation control software.
Products and Services
Real Time Irrigation System - General Overview
AquaSensor Soil Moisture Probe
AquaStation Controller - Stand Alone Unit
AquaStation Controller - Networked Unit
AquaManager - Management and Control Software

Austraflora has led plant innovation in Australia since 1968. Under the guidance of Bill Molyneux and Sue Forrester, Austraflora provides consulting for, and undertakes the management of, projects that require a commonsense approach to the management of vegetation, soil and water.
Products and Services
General Overview
Water Conservation
Environment Restoration
Plant Varieties and Selection

Drill Drip Subsoil Irrigation
Drill Drip Subsoil Irrigation utilise a patented system off subsoil irrigation to supply water and nutrients directly where they are needed... AT THE ROOTS
Products and Services
General Overview

Aerogation is a revolutionary new process which provides water, nutrients and air directly to the root zone of the plants in the one operation. Aerogation utilises low cost, large diameter flexible pipes, which physically work the soil, breaking down compaction and generating a friable soil structure which allows fine root growth.
Products and Services
General Overview

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