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Title: Gardeners of the Golden Horseshoe: useful links

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Scott's Botanical Links: Jan. 7, 1997
Botany and Fieldbiology Sites: Nov. 28, 1996
The Community Forestry Institute: Nov. 2, 1996
Sustainable Trees and Shrubs: Oct. 25, 1996
The Rhododendron Page: Oct. 9, 1996
Ecological Risks of Transgenic Crops in a Global Market: Sept. 25, 1996

There's a ton of information out there, and it takes more time than most of us can spare to find it. We're looking for the best, most interesting or unusual links in different categories. Have you come across something that you thought was particularly interesting and/or useful? Let us know what it is, where it is, and why you like it.

Topics on this page

The tree of life
The progress of the seasons

Selecting useful plants

Fruits and vegetables
Getting ready for fall
Preserving produce

Integrated pest management

What's in your food

Gardening in the city
Organic farming

Attracting wildlife

About the tree of life...

The Tree of Life, a phylogenetic navigator for the Internet

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About the progress of the seasons...

Journey North, tracking the progress of spring.

Monarch Watch, watching out for our favourite butterfly.

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About botany...

Scott's Botanical Links , selected botanical links described and rated.

Botany and Fieldbiology Sites, a high-quality collection of botanical links.

Internet Directory for Botany, the gateway to a massive collection of botany resources.

Time-Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia

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About trees...

Community Forester Institute , a research and development arm of the Great Lakes Bioregional Land Conservancy

Sustainable Trees and Shrubs.

Keslick & Son, Modern Arboriculture & Landscape Maintenance

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About wildflowers...

The Rhododendron Page

Arisaemas, a.k.a. Jack-in-the-pulpit

Botany and Fieldbiology Sites has an excellent set of links on single taxons.

[ topics ]

About plant selection...

Plants for a Future, a great resource on selecting useful plants, especially perennials.
Also see The Plant Tracker, a search facility for the Plants for a Future database.

Sustainable Trees and Shrubs.

[ topics ]

About herbs...

A Modern Herbal, reproduction of a book on herbal knowledge from the early 1900s.

[ topics ]

About fruits and vegetables...

Check out The Strawberry Facts Page for everything you wanted to know about one of the Golden Horseshoe's favourite fruits.

Howard Dill's Pumpkin Guide is a cool site for pumpkin lovers.

This Page Stinks reeks of information about garlic.

Keith's Tomato Home Page

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About getting ready for fall...

Season Extenders, from the Virginia Co-operative Extension

Fall Vegetable Gardening, also from the Virginia Co-operative Extension

[ topics ]

About preserving produce...

Vegetable Havest and Storage, by the Department of Horticulture, University of Missouri-Columbia

...by drying
Drying Food.

...by canning
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning.

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About integrated pest management...

Biological Control, Cornell's guide to natural enemies in North America.

Parasitic Nematodes Home Page: yes, even nematodes have their own home page.

Neat things: exploding ants...don't know if it works, but it's good for a laugh.

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About composting...

Composting in a Cold Climate, from the Luleň University of Technology in Sweden.

Rotweb, an informative site with lots of links to other informative sites.

Composting in Schools, from Cornell University.

The Burrow, an awesome resource on the garden's greatest ally.

Composting with Red Wriggler Worms, from Urban Agriculture Notes.

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About what's in your food...

Ecological Risks of Transgenic Crops in a Global Market, a discussion of biotechnology from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Pesticide Action Network North America, an excellent resource for pesticides and sustainable agriculture.

The Environmental Working Group has published reports on pesticides in produce.

Mcspotlight. Judge for yourself.

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About gardening in the city...

Urban Agriculture Notes, a creative and rapidly growing site from a group based in British Columbia.

Plants for a Future, a great resource on selecting useful plants, especially perennials.

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About organic farming...

Don't Panic Eat Organic, by Sal Schettino, practitioner as well as advocate of organic methods of growing food.

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About biodiversity...

The Ecotron: groundbreaking experiments in biodiversity (see also Notes on Biodiversity)

[ topics ]

About attracting wildlife...

Homes for Birds, published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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About landscaping...

...building a river
I built a model river in my garden, by Stephen Rodgers. Things to consider if you're passionate about water gardens.

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