Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan


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Title: Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan

"Contributing to Canada's Sustainable Development Strategy"
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 Best Management Practices (BMP) 11 graphically illustrated booklets
 Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) Voluntary self-awareness program with 23 work modules
 Rural Conservation Clubs (RCC) 36 Farmer-based Clubs supporting innovative ideas
 Research 31 Projects - Manure/Nutrients - On-Farm - Resource Monitoring
 Stewardship Information Bureau (SIB) Repository of current sustainable agriculture information
 Wetlands, Woodlands, Wildlife (3W) 10 Demonstration Projects - agriculture-habitat enhancement
 Technology Transfer (TT) Integration, Development, Education, Delivery

  List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Ag-Environmental Issues in Ontario - across Programs since 1986
Pest Management Research Centre (PMRC) - London
 Ag-Environmental Program Overview in Ontario   1986 - present znew.gif
 Environmental Research on Ecosystem-Managed Agricultural Watersheds  
ACEIS - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Electronic Information System
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