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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 19:31:31 GMT
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Subject: Wetlands Web Page

The Environmental Consultant is faced with ever changing legal, regulatory, and
technical advances in every aspect of the filed.  Wetlands issues are no exception. 
Transformations in the definition of wetlands, assessment procedures, replacement
strategies, and permitting processes are ever occurring on state, local, and national

Environmental Concern Inc. (EC) has served as the Environmental Consultant's
consultant for over 25 years.  As a not for profit, a non-advocacy organization, EC
has earned international recognition working with thousands of Environmental
Constants, enabling them to remain current with the latest wetland issues.

In order to make EC more accessible on an international level, EC has developed a
FREE  Internet Wetlands Resource Page.  It describes some of the latest wetlands
issues and developments, sources for FREE publications, as well as contacts for
additional information.

To reach EC for further information please feel to call Mr. Marc Seelinger at (410)
745-9620 or e-mail at info@wetland.org.

To visit our web page go to http://www.wetland.org

Many thanks,

Environmental Concern Inc.

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