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The Committee for the National Insitute for the Environment announces our
new Directory of Higher Education Environmental Programs (DHEEP)  located on
the World Wide Web at <www.cnie.org>.  The Directory contains detailed
information on undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary programs,
including the full spectrum of environmental disciplines.  We are in the
process of collecting information for the Directory and want to make sure
that your institution is included.

Administrators, faculty and staff can submit information through a Survey
Form at <www.cnie.org>.  The form is designed to collect information about
program objectives, information on the process of establishing the program,
special opportunites for students, employment statistics and contact names
for colleagues and prospective students.  The Directory was designed with
several audiences.  DHEEP will assist students seeking interdisciplinary
programs, faculty and administrators working to improve or establish
degree-granting programs and employers looking for graduates with
appropriate academic backgrounds.  

The Directory is suitable for degree-granting programs only;  it is not
suitable for certificate programs or for programs that offer a minor with an
environmental focus.  We are focusing on degree-granting programs in an
effort to simplify the information available in the Directory.  

The Directory is a free resource for those who seek environmental education
information.  We are asking the programs that submit information to consider
making a $100 tax-deductible donation to help defray program operating costs.

DHEEP is a project of the Committee for the National Institute for the
Environment.  The Committee is a national non-profit organization with a
mission to improve the scientific basis for making decisions on
environmental issues through the creation of a  National Institute for the
Environment, a non-regulatory science institution. 

Please contact Alison Lee at (202) 530-5810 or staff@cnie.org for more

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