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Marianne Lepa <mlepa@iosphere.net> wrote:

>JFR wrote:
>> Can someone estimate the approximate messages per day for this and any
>> other gardening mailing lists (with some description of topics)???

>Joan Mathew posted a list of various gardening related mail lists to
>this group last year sometime and I saved it. Here's her list:

Imagine my surprise at seeing my name mentioned and my very own list
saved!  I'm pleased that someone has gotten use from that list.

Since I posted that list I have become a "Web author", so to speak.  I
have a Web site that includes lots of gardening information, as well
as info on some other topics.  I made it a point to include links that
folks could use to find other email lists, etc.  Indeed, there are
email lists on subjects I never dreamed of!  If you have Web access,
you might want to prowl around at my Web site and see what interests

Hope this helps,

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