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Today's Good News: Comments to USDA Favor Livestock Limits 78% say limit the size of farms eligible for EQIP funds, according to a survey by the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture.
And Today's Bad News: Pork 'Spy' Funds Questioned
NewAlternative Agriculture News March edition from the Henry A. Wallace Institute. President's 1998 budget maintains sustainable ag funding, and other news.
NewThoughts On Economic 'Inevitability' by Gene Logsdon. Are you growing 300-bushel corn? That's not the only bad prediction ag economists have made.
NewThompson On-Farm Research, 1996 Report A summary from this pioneering Iowa family.
NewBuild A Freeze-Resistant Stock Tank Low-cost way to keep water flowing in winter.
NewGear Up For Grazing How N.Y. graziers profit more from pastures.
More recent additions to this site
Hot Link: The Truth About Alar Was the scare just a hoax? Not according to Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly

Tells us about your farm! -- So we can serve you better.
Grow It
Grain and Beans -- Cost-cutting production systems for field crops.
Livestock -- Tips and techniques to help keep stock healthy and productive.
Grazing -- Management-intensive practices to boost pasture production.
High-Value Farming -- Grow fruits and vegetables for less, and sell them for more.
Cover Crops -- Improve soil, cut fertilizer and smother weeds.
Compost & Manure-- Manage wastes to make the most of these soil-building resources.
Agroforestry -- Trees and perennials bring permanent profits to your farm.
On-Farm Energy -- How to use less and make more.
Find It
Search this site -- Coming soon, a search engine for this site.
Marketplace -- Products that help you farm more profitably and sustainably.
Classifieds -- Buy, sell or trade on the Internet.
News & Views
News & Events -- Catch up on the latest sustainable farming news and upcoming events.
Farm Policy -- Stay on top of legislation that affects how you farm.
Rural Writings -- Commentary and views (sometimes humorous) from the countryside.
Sell It
Growing for Market -- Taps value-added marketing opportunities for produce, crops, livestock. CSAs, farmers markets, direct marketing and more.
Market Connection -- Linking farmers with brokers, processors and markets.
Q & A -- Moderated discussion threads on production, marketing and other topics.
Local contacts-- Get in touch with neighbors who can help.
Coffee Shop -- Visit with other farmers.
Other Links -- Your gateway to sustainable farming information on the Internet.

Welcome to Sustainable Farming Horizons!

If you're looking for ways to increase profits from your farm while cutting chemicals, building healthy soil and protecting the environment, you've come to the right place.

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