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Here are some websites we think you might find interesting. We plan to organize and annotate them in more detail when we get a chance. For now, you'll have to settle for an alphabetical listing. Know of any good sites that aren't listed here? Please let us know at cdshirley@aol.com.

Today's Hot Link:
Owenlea Holsteins -- A great farmer-run site from grazing and internet pioneer F.W. Owen. "The purpose of this web site is to give dairy farmers a comfortable place to go on the Internet," he writes. But farmers of all kinds will appreciate his links to news, weather and other sites of interest. Lately F.W. has been uploading interesting pages from old farming publications, for example, how to build a limestone spreader. Highly recommended.

Other Links (listed alphabetically):

Ag Links by Tom Hodges
Ag Opportunities -- Missouri Alternatives Center, Univ.of Mo. Extension.
@griculture On-line -- Successful Farming magazine's site.
The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center(AFSIC) -- USDA National Ag Library site.
American Society of Agronomy/Crop Science Society of America/Soil Science Society of America -- Professional societies. See publications page for information about John Doran's and Alice Jones' soil quality book.
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
Biofuels Feedstock Development Program -- Includes back issues of the Energy Crops Forum newsletter.
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems -- University of Wisconsin. Includes links page.
CBOT -- Chicago Board of Trade marketing info.
Center for Sustainable Ag Systems -- University of Nebraska site. Good list of other sites to explore.
Cornell Forage-Livestock Systems Home Page
Ecological Farming Conference
Envirolink -- See theirfull title index for newsletters such as, Organic Cotton Monitor, The Practical Farmer, Southern Sustainable Farming, and others. Some bad links and dated archives.
Environmental Working Group -- Information on policy issues including pesticides, wetlands, water, farm subsidies, etc.
Farm Journal Today -- Farm Journal magazine's site.
Farmers Markets Listing from USDA
Farmer To Farmer -- A single online issue of this excellent newsletter from CAFF.
Fleischer Manufacturing -- Makers of Buffalo ridge-till planters, cultivators and other equipment.
Graze-l archives -- Searchable database of postings to this grazing listserv.
Hal Hamilton's Favorites -- Page down to find these links.
Hazy Dawn Farm -- Farmer-run site. Nice links.
Information Network for Organic Produce -- New in '97, seeks to link growers, markets.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Intergarden: Organic Agriculture, Farmscaping, Permaculture & Bioregionalism
Iowa Farmer Today Online -- Iowa Farmer Today magazine's website.
IPM At The Crossroads -- Policy info from Dr. Charles Benbrook.
Jason Rankin -- Irish dairy grazier. Working on Agri-launch links site.
Johnny's Selected Seeds -- On-line catalog.
Kentucky Graziers Supply -- Suppliers of portable fencing, water systems and other supplies.
Land Stewardship Project -- Minnesota-based non-profit group.
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture -- Iowa State University site. Good links page.
McGill University Ecological Agriculture Projects --
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
The Minnesota Project -- Nonprofit group.
North Central Institute for Sustainable Systems -- Education in sustainable ag systems.
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society -- Farmer-run nonprofit.
OEFFA Home Page -- Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association site.
Oragnic Farmers Marketing Association
Owenlea Holsteins -- Great farmer-run grazing site.
Progressive Farmer Online -- Progressive Farmer magazine's website.
Seeds of Change -- On-line catalog.
Southern Sustainable Farming -- Archives for the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SoSAWG) newsletter.
Sustainable Ag Network (SAN) -- Communications arm for the USDA Sustainable Ag Research and Education program.
Sustainable Ag Sites -- Good links to explore.
Sustainable Agriculture at Michigan State University -- Includes links to Michigan Integrated Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) MSU programs and other local groups and projects.
Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South
University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program -- Lots of cover crop info and links.
University of Guelph Farming Systems Research
USDA News Releases -- The latest government news.
Weed Images and Descriptions -- Photos and brief descriptions of nearly 100 common weeds from Rutgers University (N.J.).
Western Region SARE Program -- Includes a good selection of Folio InfoBases and sustainable agriculture links of interest to western farmers and ranchers.

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