Maple Lawn Farm


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Maple Lawn Farm
Maple Lawn Farm is a working sheep farm in Stonington, Connecticut, dating back to 1735. We currently raise Cotswold and Black Cotswold sheep on stone-walled grass and clover pastures, and sell high-lustre, long-staple fleeces, pelts, freezer lambs and breeding lambs. We also collect recipes that feature our incomparable grass-fed lamb.

At Maple Lawn Farm we also do consulting and writing.

This is the home site of rural FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and answers) for small producers and hobby farms. The ascii-digest versions posted every 60 days on Usenet newsgroups news.answers, misc.answers, and misc.rural are created by script from these HTML originals.

  • Lambing FAQ - lambing, and the care of ewes and lambs.
  • Haying FAQ - growing, harvesting, and storing hay.
  • Pasture FAQ - establishing, maintaining, and utilizing livestock pastures.
  • Predator FAQ - identifying and thwarting livestock predators.

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