Advancements in Aeroponics by EviroGen, Inc. of Colorado


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Advancements in Aeroponics by EviroGen, Inc. of Colorado

EnviroGen, Inc - Colorado

A leader in aeroponic systems and ag-biotech R&D of ecologically benefical technology for the agricultural industry, univeristy researchers, schools and home gardeners.

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Aeroponic Technical Information:

What is Aeroponics?

Using Aeroponics for Plant Propagation

How does Aeroponics differ from hydroponics?

Advancements in Aeroponics

Plants successfully grown using Aeroponics

Genisis Series II Aerponic System Layout

EcoSeed Research Report'96

Need for Pesticide Reduction

Corporate Information:

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Science Advisory Board

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What Growers say about our technology

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Genesis Series II Aeroponic System

Rapid Propagation Biotechnology


Tissue Culture Tools

Water Recycling and Purification System

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