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Look, gardeners! ORGANIC GARDENING is your magazine! ORGANIC GARDENING is chock-full of practical how-to information written by and for serious organic gardeners. Every issue of OG is a spirited, friendly exchange of valuable tips and techniques from our own expert staff and readers across the country -- the kind of proven advice that can make gardening more joyful, more successful and more fun!

One year: 9 issues for $16.94

GARDENERS! A Teabag. A Thermos. A Paintbrush. You'll grow hardier plants -- and get faster results -- when you use these three simple items in your garden!

A Teabag: To speed sprouting of hard-coated seeds, soak them overnight in strong tea. The tannic acid in the tea works to soften the outer covering.

A Thermos: To speed sprouting, soak seeds in warm water for 24 to 48 hours before planting to soften the seed coat. This can be done conveniently by placing the seeds in a wide-mouthed thermos bottle with warm water. The thermos keeps the water warm, and the wide mouth makes seed removal easy.

A Paintbrush: When planting small seeds such as lettuce, don't use your hands or a trowel to cover them with soil; you'll inhibit germination if you plant them too deeply. Use a paintbrush instead! A brush gives you a lighter touch to control the amount of soil you put on them.

THESE ARE JUST A FEW of the quick tips like the ones you'll find in every issue of ORGANIC GARDENING.

Other great topics you can look forward to finding out:

  • How to troubleshoot diseases in your tomato patch.
  • 32 easy, natural new ways to slay those slimy slugs.
  • How to attract hordes of beneficial insects -- nature's pest controllers -- to your garden.
  • Beautiful groundcover roses -- no mowing ... no chemicals!
  • How to harvest red-ripe tomatoes by Memorial Day. And much more!


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