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The garden is one of those places that we, as gardeners hold at an almost spiritual level. I know for myself, that the feel of the earth on my hands, the way steam rises off the compost heap in the winter and how rain water has that magical ability to brings seeds and plants to life. I need to be in my garden, it's my daily meditation and therapy.

If you are an avid gardener or you have the desire to become one then my friend, this place is for you. I have built this cybergarden to be able to share information, techniques, methods, tricks of the trade and the way's grandma taught me.

Over the years, friend's have asked for advice on particular situations with their gardens. I've always tired to give an alternative solution other than the toxic choices that are commercially produced. This is one of the places you can come to and find alternative solutions to your gardening situations. These home remedies and organic treatments are used in my garden season in and season out for over the last 20 years, most of them passed down to me by my grandmother, and they have never failed me. I hope that you find them useful and will pass them on to all of your gardening friends.


 This Garden is updated weekly. Look for new home remedies & organic treatment below, check in often. 

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Home Garden tip of the week: Mulch can be of great benefit to your garden - but most of us don't use enough to really do any good.I was always taught to use mulch around all my bedding plants and in the pathways of my garden. This was to help eliminate weeds but, over time I've found that a good bed of mulch can make all the difference in the world in your garden when it comes to watering and keeping the ground moist. If you will lay cardboard down on your pathways and then cover them with straw, leaves or a combination of both you will find that your watering will be less and your plants will have less stress as the summer heat wears on. Make sure you mulch deep, at least 4 inches and 6 inches is better. Also make sure to fill in as the season goes on. Then just let it all winter over and then till in cardboard and all into the garden for next spring, you'll find as I did that most if not all of the cardboard has deteriorated and can easily be worked back into the soil.

A booklet of past organic remedies, tips-n-tricks of the week and grandma's way is available now! For more information on how to get your copy, e-mail the OrganicDr and ask about how to get this great little booklet called "Grandmas way to organic gardening". It's loaded with all kinds of great information! Quantities are limited.

Compost Happens...The Warm Heap!

The second in a series on compost and composting techniques coming in the April E-newsletter issue! Be sure to e-mail your address for your copy.

Fowler Family Farm Garden 97

All plants with a red check are in the garden. Update: 03/28/97 Doubled plantings on all greens by interplanting. Companion plantings started. The garden veggies are all in the ground now! Except for cucumbers which will go in this coming week. As will some more of the herbs that are palnted every season.

The layout for our family garden for this year, is one of function an partiality. It feeds our family year round as well as several of our neighbors-n-friends, shoot it's even been known to produce a few greenbacks in a good year.It's designed to produce the most in the least amount of space, using a raised bed made from rail road ties. I've also incorporated a gravity feed drip-irrigation system in order to help with evaporation against the hot Texas summer sun. The square foot high-intensive style that is used creates an environment the plants love and thrive in. If you would like a copy for yourself or are interested in finding out more about square foot gardening using my developed secrets of organic techniques, just click the "re:h/i gardening" space below and leave your e-mail address. I always enjoy a friend's well thought out garden plan. If you would like to send a copy of yours, please do, it may make our newsletter!

re:h/i gardening

Ya'll come on in! Click below, for farmfotos of this spring!

Photos from around the farm!

Grandma's Way ( tips-n-tricks) Grandma always told me that you could tell when spring was almost here because the scissor-tails were back - well, I saw my first one of the season this week! She also told me that this was the time to plant your sweet corn and sweet peas - and that to plant each one where the other was from the year before. I've been living by those words ever since. I know now that legumes (peas, among others) are nitrogen fixers and great rebuilders for the garden's soil.They also thrive where soil has been stressed by heavy feeders like corn. Sweet corn needs nitrogen and rich organic matter to thrive which the legumes leave behind. This is why she planted as she did. I always work a few wheelbarrows of compost into the beds before planting to give the young plants the boost they need. I remember my Grandma's words every spring and plant by those words of wisdom, if you will plant your corn and peas as she taught me I know you'll be pleased with the results as I have always been! 

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