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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Vegetarian Pages
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...intended to be a definitive guide to what is available on the Internet for vegetarians, vegans and others. The Vegetarian Pages hosts many valuable resources too!
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[World Guide mini logo] World Guide To Vegetarianism

This is a hypertext list of restaurants, organisations and other interesting information around the world, separated into regions and sub-regions.

[Veggie V] ® The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom

This section is full of valuable information - not just for Britons. See it!

International Vegetarian Union

The worldwide umbrella group for vegetarian organisations.

[VRG logo] Vegetarian Resource Group

Lots of excellent information available from this support group.

[ARRS part-logo] Animal Rights Resource Site

Many links of interest to vegetarian! See them. Including ARRS-Hosted Home Pages - lots of organisations online.

[Envirolink] Envirolink

Much information for the environmentally-aware vegetarian.

About the Vegetarian Pages

The information on the Vegetarian Pages is free for non-commercial use - except where indicated. Items may only be published elsewhere when the Vegetarian Pages is explicitly acknowledged - by name and URL. Please ask for our approval before doing so, we're generous to polite people! :-)
The Vegetarian Pages accepts no responsibility, nor does it necessarily support the views of, the organisations which are hosted (or linked to) by the Vegetarian Pages. If you find information inappropriate, then please let the right person know.