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A framework for the future
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The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), established as a non-profit corporation in 1976, works to find solutions that use local resources to address problems that face all Americans, especially society's most disadvantaged citizens. Through its 18 years of service, NCAT's work has grown from addressing the immediate energy conservation needs of low-income people to include a wide array of sustainable technologies and technology transfer, including nationally-recognized work in resource-efficient housing and sustainable agriculture.

New Horizon Technologies, Inc., formerly the NCAT Development Corporation, was established as a for-profit subsidiary of NCAT in 1982. Well known for its work in energy monitoring, New Horizon Technologies also provides market assessments for innovative energy technologies, consults with farmers and other land managers about sustainable agricultural practices, and develops safety and health solutions for small businesses.

ButteNet is operated by New Horizon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), in association with InfoMine of the Rockies. Our roots run deep in Butte, where our parent company, NCAT, has been doing technology-based business nationwide for 20 years. Butte is our home, and ButteNet is your home town Internet Service Provider.

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NCAT: A Leader in Helping People Help Themselves

NCAT's mission, simply stated, is to help people help themselves. Appropriate technology centers on small-scale projects and approaches accomplished at the local level. It embraces technologies as diverse as a community project to supply solar water heaters to low-income residents, integrated pest management plans for farms and wildlife refuges, energy monitoring in buildings, and the creation of databases to provide information on energy-efficiency in public housing. NCAT has provided local, state and national leadership for a broad range of programs and projects and is known nationally for its work in appropriate technology.

Technical Assistance Services:

Email: Info@ncat.org NCAT Butte Office: 3040 Continental Drive -- P.O.Box 3838 -- Butte, Montana 59702 -- 406.494.4572 -- FAX: 406.494.2905
Email: Info@ncat.org NCAT Fayetteville Office: Hotz Hall 4th Floor -- 1175 W. Cleveland Street -- Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702 -- 501.442.9824 -- FAX: 501.442.9842
Email: NewHorizon@ncat.org New Horizon Technologies -- 3040 Continental Drive -- P.O.Box 5000 -- Butte, Montana 59702 -- 406.494.4577 -- FAX: 406.494.2905
Email: ATTRA: Info@ncat.org Farming Information Services TOLL-FREE 1.800.346.9140
Email: LIHEAP: Info@ncat.org Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Clearinghouse

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