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San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, held every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the foot of the financial district opposite the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco, is a unique opportunity for people who live in the City to buy freshly picked, organic produce directly from small family-operated farms. This Market is even more special because the communities surrounding San Francisco are some of the richest agricultural areas in the United States and are home to some of the most enthusiastic and successful organic farmers in California.

 This home page features profiles of selected farmers at this Market. The Market attracts an average of 75 farmers and vendors during the peak growing season. But I'll be focusing my profiles on selected ones, such as family-run farms that don't have their own retail establishments or don't sell mainly through retail shops. The profiles highlight their personal backgrounds, a description of their operations, types of produce and seasonal availability as well as some of my own observations with a few hot tips and recipes sprinkled in! Check in every week for new profiles. For Sunday Supper recipes that I've developed using produce bought at this Market on Saturday check out Ditty's Sunday Supper.

This website is a personal, independent, non-commercial endeavor (Who's Ditty) launched in May 5, 1996 and reconstructed on September 29, 1996. It is not affiliated with the Market's organizers. I would sincerely like to thank all the people who have so enthusiastically and graciously supported my efforts to get this website started. I apologize if information contained any profile is not correct. Please send corrections, comments and suggestions to dittysf@saturdaymarket.com.

Vendors at the Market
(New profile added January 24, 1997)
Fruits and Berries
The Aerie - stone fruit
Bates & Schmitt - unusual apples
BellaViva Orchards - fresh & dried fruit
Betty's Berries - blackberries;boysenberries
Country Essences - strawberries;raspberries
Exotic Genuine Melons - melons
Frog Hollow Farm - stone fruit and Asian pears
Goldbud Farms - stone fruit, pears and apples
Honey Crisp Farm - stone fruit and citrus
Iwamoto & Gean Farm - strawberries
Knoll Organic Farm - figs
Lagier Ranches - cherries, berries and citrus
Stenzel's Kiwis - kiwis
Stony Farms - wild berries
Twin Girls Farms - citrus and stone fruit
Warm Springs Farm - Charentais melons
Vegetables & General Produce
Bruins Farms - tomatoes only
Dirty Girl Produce - general produce
Eatwell Farm - everything under the sun
Exotic Melons - dry-farmed tomatoes;corn
Farmer's Wife Produce - cool-weather veggies
Furusho Farms - carrots
The Garden Project - if it grows in S.F.
Happy Boys Farm - potatoes;Cipolini onions
Happy Quail Farms - peppers, cukes, eggplant
High Standard Farms - one-stop shopping
Holler Pepper Farms - asparagus, potatoes
Iacopi - peas and beans mostly
Knoll Organic Farm - selected produce items
Small Potatoes - specialty potatoes
Spring Hill Potatoes - potatoes and onions
Stony Farms - general produce
Tierra Vegetables - chiles;peppers;portabellas
Warm Springs Farm - good selection
Salad Specialists
Dirty Girl Produce - head lettuce; salad mix
Happy Boys Farm - baby lettuces; salad fixings
High Standard Farm-pre-mixed; head lettuce
The Garden Project - baby arugula leaves
Bates & Schmitt - jams, jellies, chutney, cider
Bellwether Farms - lamb
Critical Edge - knife sharpening
Hazeldell Mushrooms -exotic mushrooms
Holler Pepper Farms - pickled garlic; asparagus
Hoffman Gamebirds - poultry
Hunter Orchards - rocambole garlic
Intertidal Aquafarms - oysters and mussels
Nakashima Farms - Sweet potatoes
Petaluma Farms - eggs
Phipps Farm - dried heirloom beans
Sciabica & Sons - olive oil
Tierra Vegetables - dried chiles and chipotles
Van Mourik Nut Farm - fresh nuts
Warm Springs Farm - roasted peppers; gourds
Furusho Farms - over 20 varieties
Country Essences - flowers galore
Enomoto Roses (retired in March 1997)- beautiful roses
Warm Springs Farm - country-garden style
Bellwether Farms - sheep and cow milk cheese
Oakdale Cheese Company - gouda; quark
Gingrass Family Sausages - sausages; charcuterie

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Vendors with websites:

Eatwell - http://www.eatwell.com
Gingrass Sausages - http://www.hawthornelane.com
Intertidal Oysters - http://www.best.com:80/~akirk/intertidal/index.html
Native Kjalii Foods - http://www.sfsalsa.com
Sciabica Olive Oil - http://www.sciabica.com
The Aerie - http://www.well.com/user/ecrane/peaches.html
Tierra Vegetables - http://www.tierravegetables.com

Vendors with e-mail address:

Stony Farms - stonyfarms@worldnet.att.net
Straus Family Creamery - strausmilk@aol.com

Other interesting websites on farmers' markets:

Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association - http://www/pcfma.com
Bay Area Farmers' Markets - http://www.crl.com:80/~ckraft/sf.html
Open Air Markets Worldwide - http://www.openair.org
What's Ripe - http://www.epicurious.com/e_eating/e02_ripe/ripe.html
Saint-Tropez's Open Air Market - http://www.saturdaymarket.com/Saint-Tropez

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E-mail from a Market fan:

"The craze of the "saison"? Blanch some yummy asparagus tips from the guy on the west side of the Market. Put them into an omlette made from Petaluma Farm's yummy eggs along with a squirt of lemon. Top with Bellwether Farms' carmody cheese and broil for a moment. Then on the side, fresh strawberries (ed: Harry's Berries recommended) with a hint of confectioner's sugar topped with Strauss yoghurt. To die for!"