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Title: Environmental Journalism Home Page: Agriculture links
Environmental Journalism Home Page: Agriculture links

These Internet sites may contain information useful to environmental journalists. None is maintained by SEJ, which does not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the information at these sites.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ag Fact Book '96
Online version of a book with demographic, financial and environmental information about U.S. farms and USDA offices.
Agricultural Research Service
The main in-house research arm of USDA.
Agricultural Statistics and Reports
From USDA's Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service. Data sets on trade, farm economics, soil and water conservation, cropping patterns and other subjects.
Agricultural Water Use, 1979-1986
Data on agricultural use of federal irrigation water, including water supply, water deliveries, and acres irrigated.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Includes archived press releases and publications, directories, downloadable forms and other data. Go to the subject index for basic fact sheets on animal and plant pests, from brucellosis to the pink bollworm.
Economic Research Service
Economic analysis and other information on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America; includes online reports.
Economics and Statistics System
Nearly 300 reports and datasets on U.S. and international agriculture from USDA's economics agencies.
Environmental Working Group: Farm Subsidies Page
A collection of data-based studies on U.S. farm subsidies, from an environmental group.
Integrated System for Information Services
The National Agricultural Library's online catalog and journal citation service; searches Agricola and similar databases.
National Agricultural Library
Provides access to many of the library's resources and a gateway to catalogs of other resources. Includes instructions for online access to the Agricola database of agricultural research abstracts and citations.
National Agricultural Statistics Service
Online datasets pertaining to most aspects of U.S. agriculture.
National Biological Control Institute
Includes publications and technical information on biological pest control, and copies of the institute's newsletter.
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Formerly the Soil Conservation Service; contains datasets and information on such things as the farm bill's reserve programs. Includes descriptions of available datasets on global vegetation, hydrography, soils, land cover and use, erosion, farmland, wetlands and other subjects.
U.S. Salinity Laboratory
Conducts basic research on the chemistry, physics, and biology of salt-affected soil-plant-water systems.
USDA's Home Page
Searchable, with links to news and information about the department.
Water Management Research Laboratory:
Contains a bibliography by topic on drip irrigation articles and books, a list of articles by WMRL staff (articles are available on request in the old-fashioned paper style), research descriptions from the lab's 1993 progress report, and a Frequently Asked Questions file on drip irrigation.


AgriNet Trading Network
A site for farm product buyers, manufacturers and trading companies; extensive links to food industry web sites.
Ceres Corporation & Ceres Online
A California research firm's site; includes Agribusiness Outlook magazine and an ag calendar.
Conservation Technology Information Center
A Purdue University research station with information on sound farming practices and farm water pollution issues.
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Iowa State University's entomology index is a searchable database of insect-related resources on the Internet.
Farmland Information Library
From Northern Illinois University: Farmland protection statutes, literature, abstracts and ag census data from many states.
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
News and other information on pending laws and regulations of concern to state agriculture officials.
Online Agricultural Journals and Magazines
A list compiled by a consulting firm, with links to the appropriate web site for each entry.
U.S. Geological Survey: Agricultural Chemical Use
A report on use of 96 herbicides and nitrogen fertilizers, cropping patterns; plus other data, all at the county level.


Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Business directories and information on proper handling of seafood.
Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System
Information about organic and sustainable farming in the subtropics.

Sustainable Agriculture

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
An information center of the USDA National Agricultural Library. Includes a searchable database on biological controls and other alternative farming methods, plus links to other sustainable agriculture sites.
Consortium for International Crop Protection
Database of State Alternative Agriculture Laws
From North Carolina State University, dated February 1994. Included in each entry is the law's title, cite, year enacted, purpose, and a brief summary of the law's elements.
InterGarden: Organic Agriculture, Farmscaping, Permaculture
A collection on organic agriculture, farmscaping, permaculture and bioregionalism; includes archives from some alternative agriculture discussion groups and listservs.
IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management, a means of reducing pesticide use, and this site contains newsletters on that subject, plus a calendar of events, message boards and a data library.
University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Project
Includes copies of a quarterly newsletter and summaries of journal articles, plus a list of news contacts and archived press releases.
Virtual Orchard

United Nations and International

Australian Agriculture Online
Links to government, research, business, media and sustainable agriculture sites in Oz.
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Includes a library of reports on fisheries, forests and other resources topics.
Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan
Resources for sustainable agriculture in Canada, with best management practices, pesticide information, etc.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Home page of the people who brought you the Green Revolution; information on research projects and stations.
Developing Countries Farm Radio Network
A Canadian effort to disseminate information about low-cost ways for farmers to increase food supplies and improve nutrition.
FAO Commodity Market Review
Reviews key developments affecting international trade in commodities and individual commodity markets.
FAO's Food Outlook
Online archives of a journal published by the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization.
FAO's Foodcrops and Shortages
Online archives of a journal published by the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization.
FAOSTAT Database Collections
Online queries of a collection of FAO databases on world agriculture.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Its mandate is to improve nutrition, standards of
living, farm productivity and rural living conditions; much online data.
U.N. Food and Agriculture Org.: Agriculture Dept. Home Page
Includes databases on crops, water, livestock, trade and population, plus general information on FAO.
World Food Programme
This site from the World Food Programme, a United Nations Agency, has situation reports and other data from around the world.

Other sites:

Agri Alternatives
Agway Inc.
American Farmland Trust
Home Farm
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute of Food Science & Technology
International Food Information Council Foundation
Micro Irrigation Forum
Midwest Organic Alliance
Millennium Institute: Indicators
National Ag Safety Database
National Biological Control Institute
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
Netafim Irrigation
Online Insect Database
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Overseas Development Institute
Pesticide Information Service database
Progressive Farmer Online
Resistant Pest Management Newsletter
Rural Development, USDA
Statistical Resources on the Web/Agriculture
Sunbelt Ag Expo
Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System
Ted Radcliffe's Gopher State Integrated Pest Management Site
The Cattle Pages
The Lawn Institute
The Population Debate: Is The World Overpopulated?
Today's Market Prices
United Farm Workers union
USDA: Water Resources Management Laboratory
Veggies Unite!
Weather in U.S. Agriculture
Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
World Agricultural Information Center
World Food Summit
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Agriculture
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Irrigation
Zero Population Growth

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