AGCOM International

Dear Sir or Madame—

I’m writing to introduce AGCOM International.  We’re a video production
company specializing in agriculture…probably the only one in North

We’re proud to announce that internationally recognized agricultural
journalist, Dr. Tom Hargrove, has just joined our team.  Tom brings more
than 25 years’ experience in international agriculture to AGCOM.  Just
last fall, he was honored by Texas A&M as the first member of its
Journalism Hall of Fame.

Mind if I ask whether your group has considered a video brochure?  Using
a video to market your product---especially when it’s scripted by a pro
like Tom---cuts through paper clutter, gets exceptional consumer
attention, viewship and response.

When was the last time you saw a 30% conversion rate from a direct-mail
package?  Not often these days.  As consumers get busier and their
mailboxes get fuller, they’re more likely to toss your brochure or
letter than even to open it, let alone read it, not to mention respond.  

But savvy businesses are finding that videocassettes can cut through the
paper clutter, and they’re seeing very impressive---and very

How much?  Many people dismiss video due to the misperception that it
will be too costly, but it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, in terms of
cost per conversion, with today’s new lower-cost technologies video may
be cheaper than print.

For details on AGCOM products and services, please visit our web site at

Then, if you’re interested, call our toll free number (800-598-3372) for
a free estimate.  Look forward to hearing from you! 

Larry Klaas
P.S.  We would appreciate it if you could add our site to your aglinks
list.  Thanks.