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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Hightower Radio
Hightower Radio
With a Texas-sized wit and a fighting spirit, populist Jim Hightower is championing the concerns of working people and skewering the high and mighty as he has for years.

Now on the air coast to coast and on the World Wide Web!


Encourage your friends and neighbors to listen to the radio and to Real Audio on the net. If you don't already have a copy of the Real Audio Player, pick one up ... it's free! Our Commentaries are made possible in Real Audio by our Friends at Progressive Networks and their dedication to Progressive Work.


The decision to broadcast HIGHTOWER RADIO is up to individual stations. Please call or write your local talk radio station and tell them you want to listen to HIGHTOWER RADIO in your community. Thank your local station if it does carry HIGHTOWER RADIO, and ask for more.

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Hightower's "Chat & Chew" Live Call-in Program

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Our internet consultant is Byrd & Block Communications, producers of the Earth & Sky radio series.

To contact the producer write to Chris Garlock. To contact other staff write Hightower Staff.

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