The Cow Patty: A Newsletter/Magazine About Rural Living and Self-Sufficiency


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: The Cow Patty: A Newsletter/Magazine About Rural Living and Self-Sufficiency


a newsletter/magazine about rural living and self-sufficiency

Rural Living Links // Ranch and Cattle-Related Links
Heal Thyself - Alternative Medicine Links
Septic Tanks with Links // Words of Wisdom: Senior Citizens on the Farm
The Suburban Invasion

NetVet Animal Pictures // Agricultural Slides

The Cow Patty's Ranching & Cattle-Related Links

Montana Ag-AgLinks // USA Cattle Inc. // Facts About Cattle
AgWorks // Cattle Marketing of the Future // AgDirect // Cattlehome
Cattle Pages // ArenaWest // Cattlemen on the Web
Limousin World Magazine // AgriOne
National Agricultural Library // USDA
Animal Production // Angus Assn. // American Angus Assn.
Library - Beef Livestock // Arizona Ranches // Purdue University Research // Livestock World
Cow Links // L/R Simmental-Lamm Family Ranch
JB Trojan Farms (Herefords) // Cargile Farming & Ranch Inc // Livestock Conservation Institute
Cows // I Like Cows... // National Alternative Livestock Association
MooMilk // Planet of the Cows // Moo Web Pages
Cows Caught in the Web // The Cattle Pages // Buzzard Hollw Ranch (Simmental)
Livestock World // Texas Beef Council // C. J. Oakwood Internet Livestock Market
Riata Inc. - Cattle America // Edwards Limousin
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The Cow Patty's Rural Living Links

Voice of Agriculture Connection // Agricultural Web Sites // CowTown America
What is Sustainable Agriculture? // Ag-Links // FarmTimes // Agricomm
Women & Rural Economic Development // Not Just Cows // Country Counselor
Modern Farm On-Line Country Store // Farmer's Hotline
Outhouse On-Line // MooMilk // Mainstreet America
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society // Llama Connection // Diary Site
Poultry Info Exchange // Seneca Wire & Manufacturing // Rural Health Assn
R&M Ostrich Farm // Agriculture, Agri-Business, Forestry & Gardening
Rural Medical Services // Miniature Donkeys
Rural Resource Center // Livestock Guardian Dogs // Sustainable Futures for Grasslands
TEX*A*Syst(rural ground water) // AgView Search // Today's Market Prices
InterGarden // FAQ Lambs, Hay, Pastures & Predators
Animal Handling Equipment (Mt. Pleasant, TX) // Faust Bio-Agricultural Services
Robinson Ranch - Donkeys for Sale (TX) // Fawcett Tractor Supply Ltd.
Wishbone Forge Blacksmithing // Canoga Park H.S. Agriculture Education Dept.
White Horse Farms // Dryland Agriculture Institute
Bob's List - Guide to Agricultural Web // AgriOne // AgLinks
Small Farm // Agribusiness Outlook // Farmers Hotline
Farmer to Farmer // Farm & Country // Farm Industry News // AgDirect
AgWorks // National Agricultural Library // American Cowboy
Bob's List - Guide to Agricultural Web // Farmers Almanac
AltVetMed // Mother Earth News
Frugal Living Resources // This & That (Horses/Mules) // Growers Resource
Globalaid // Agriculture Links // Horses // Sheep
Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resources // Farm, Ranch & Garden Online Magazine
Farmer's Market Online // Britt's Horse Stuff // Goosen Farms Farmers' Market
Agriculture Links // NewCROP HomePage // Aquaculture
Texas Agriculture Sites // National Agriculture Week Texas Style
CNA Agriculture Technology & Services Inc.
Diamond Farm Book Publishers // North Dakota AgOnline
Miniature Horses // Biodynamics // HortNet // California Farm Bureau
Live Oaks Farm // Agricultural North America Guide // US Farm Report (tv show)
American Farmland Trust // National Farmers Association // Western Growers Association
US Department of Agriculture // AgriGator // Agriculture Online
Farm Journal Today // High Plains Journal // Iowa Farmer Today // STAT Publishing
Vegetable Bytes // American Farm Bureau // Sprout Family Llamas // Cornelius Family
Glenco Agricultural Consultant Services // Aunt Rhodies
Umatilla Animal Hospital Zoo (Pet/Livestock Health Care) // New York Farm Bureau
Keller's Farm Store // Great Plains Netlink // Kern County (CA) Farm Bureau
International Policy Council on Agriculture // Dr. Soil Surfs
Agricultural Tourism (Wisconsin) // American Arabian Online // Kentucky Horses & Horseracing
Hickory Lane Farms // Half Steps Farm // AGropolis (TX A&M)
Rohan's Horse Page // Miniature Horse Sale Barn (IA) // Trinity Farm's Miniature Horses
Institute of Agricultural Management // Agnews // Modern Agriculture
Seminole Wind Ranch (horses) // Ostriches On Line // Pacific Bin Corp.
Pacific Bin Corp // Nubian Goats // Agri Decisions

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Heal Thyself

Alternative Medicine Resouces Online

ViaNet Links // Women's Edge // Women's Edge Vitamin Dispenser
Greensprings // Ask Dr. Weil
World Wide Wellness // healthyreferral.com
A2Z Alternative Medicine
Health Trek // Links to Holistic Sites // Links WWW Health Resources
MedWeb // Alternative Medicine // Healthy.Net
Jumpsite/Fitness Partner Connection // More Alternative Medicine // Natural Medicine
Even More Alternative Medicine // WWW Virtual Library: Health // Wellspring
HealthLink // Welltech Links
World Wide Web Health Sites // Blonz Nutrition, Food & Health Resources
Health & Fitness // AltVetMed (Alternative Veterinary Medicine)
Nutrition Discovery // Herb Info // Dr. Yang's Herbs
Algy's Herb Page // Herbal Links // HealthNotes // Herbal Marketplace
PK's Herbal Garden // Healthmap Online // Herbs for Health // Natural Land
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