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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Edible Garden
The Edible Garden

Welcome to the Edible Garden, the place for informative sites on edible plants. Take time out to browse The Cabbage Patch magazine, a joint UK and US venture, or brush up on your gardening skills by visiting the other sites listed here.

Cabbage Patch Magazine : vegetable gardening on the net, a bumper-packed quality publication aimed at both the organic and non-organic gardener. Within its pages you'll find lots of info, tips, views, news, and much more - all wrapped up in an entertaining package.

Veggie Web Pages : brilliant vegetable gardening site packed with useful information on many plants, and cultivation techniques. With a comprehensive links listing you're bound to spend many an hour browsing this wonderful site.

Organic Gardening - Site for organic gardening interests. Wonderful site with numerous pages of information and advice for the organic gardener, wrapped up in a beautifully constructed site which is fast and easy to access. If you're serious about organic gardening then don't miss this one.

Herb Borders : lots of ideas and tips for herb planting by an English gardener, including borders for colour, scent, and texture - with a glossary listing of plants for each scheme.

Herbs : great starting place to find out about herbs, both European and Global. This is an extensive site, in fact just about the most comprehensive on the web, with links to everything you could possibly want to know about these wonderful plants.

The American Herb Society : beautiful site with lots and lots of information, put together in a user-friendly and fast loading environment.

Chile-heads Home Page: wild n' wacky with lots of info this is a brilliant site for all enthusiasts. Well put together, fast loading, and with a humorous slant you just might discover a hidden gardening passion after your first visit.

City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes : for the information seekers amongst us this is a hard-core site of information and facts. What it lacks in entertainment and humour it more than compensates with sheer knowledge.

Guide to Poisonous and Toxic Plants : very comprehensive site actually constructed by the US Military, and therefore a trifle bland in appearance and structure. It does however contain some very interesting and important information about the toxicity of our beloved garden favourites.

Rec.Gardens: the best NG on the web according to most gardeners, and rightly so. This is the place to find quick answers and simple but effective information. If you haven't already subscribed to this newsgroup and you're serious about gardening then check it out.

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