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We are very interested in building a list of Web sites, lists etc relating to the production and consumption of food. We are particularly interested in food and health issues and would appreciate any information you have. Please email us at organic@midnet.com

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Food Sites - Europe

The McSpotlight Site
McSpotlight is the site with alternative information about McDonalds and the McLibel case. (This is the Dutch site)

Food Sites - World

A List of Food and Cooking Sites
This site is fully devoted to listing food and cooking sites on the Web. It is produced by Amy Gale out of New Zealand and contains links to recipes from the rec.food.recipes newsgroup archives, general recipe sites such as 'Callahan's Cookbook,'

Cascadian Farm
Organically grown ingredients in a packaged meal? Yes, it's a reality. Cascadian Farm is an organic food company dedicated to producing retail organic food products -- vegetables, fruits, spreads, pickles, ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt, etc...

This archive has 2,391 fat free and very low fat vegetarian recipes as well as information about healthy very low fat vegetarian diets. But you don't have to be vegetarian or eat low fat all the time to enjoy one of these recipes. http://www.fatfree.com/

Julies Low&Fat-Free Resources List
Here's a list of some of the low-fat and fat-free resources that can be found on the Internet... (A note on vegetarian cooking: you need to check the recipes from vegetarian archives and webpages individually for their fat content, as not all vegetarian cooking is necessarily low-fat or fat-free.) http://www.eskimo.com/~baubo/lowfat.html

The Food Web
Welcome to the FoodWeb, an encyclopedia of food from the earth http://www.rahul.net/fatfree/foodweb/

The Food Resource
The Food Resource aims to become a hub of all food-related information on the World Wide Web. Geared to professionals in the food industry as well as home cooks, this site includes information on everything from a long list of organizations, unions, market...

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
This gopher server provides access to the archives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The archives include agricultural statistics, forestry resources, and international development resources.

Multi-Pure sells water purification systems, and this site is dedicated to describing both their products and how water purification is important. Some pages describe how water filtration technology works, and links are provided to other sites.

Take the virtual trolley around Nabisco's rather cute site and see what you can see. If you're wondering where to find some Nabisco cookie that disappeared some time during your childhood, send an email missive and maybe you'll get a big surprise.

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