Smokey Bear's Official Home Page


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Smokey Bear's Official Home Page

Click on Smokey's nose to play a Shockwave game (before you do, make sure you have Shockwave v.5) You'll do it once, and you'll just have to do it again. Learning has never been this much fun.

Don't miss out on all the cool animation and puzzles! Windows users should use Internet explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0. Macintosh users should use Netscape Navigator 3.0. (Final Releases Only)

Smokey Bear is counting on you to prevent forestfires. Play any of the games below, and have fun finding out how much you know.

How do I prevent a forest fire?
Can you make a campfire right?
Who puts out forest fires?
Smokey's Rules