Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: GoldenHarvest

Compost Resource Page: For the beginner to the experienced composter: help for all.
Cornell Composting: Great site for more compost info.

Earth First! Journal: Radical ecology: agree or disagree Earth First has made an impact.
Forty Tips to Go Green: This flyer originally distributed on Earth Day 1992 by the Jala Hijau, this means "Go Green" in Malay. Classic.
GREENlines: A one page newssheet published daily for quick environmental updates.

Ardent Gardener: Off the wall web gardening magazine. An archive of articles is available to browse through.
Butterfly Website: Everything about butterflies and gardening! Perfect for the natural gardener and all afficionados of these lovely creatures!
Calendula Hort Books:  Resource for purchasing out of print horticulture books on landscaping, gardening, flowers, botany etc.

Canadian Organic Growers: Interesting site to check out
Cyber Plantsman: Dispersing advice and knowledge.
Dirt Doctor: Howard Garrets basic organic gardening site.
Don't Panic Eat Organic:Information on organic gardening and links to organic resources.
Farmers Almanac: Yep, the original, one and only has a pretty cool site.
Farmer Brown's Garden Path: For those of us with small gardens and not much time. Alomg the lines of square foot (intensive) gardening.methods.
Garden Escape: Help for creating gardens, encyclopedia of plants and flowers. You must joined to access this site. Hey, it's free!
Gothic Gardening: Dracula orchids, theme gardens, Bat plant, Ye Olde Gothic Herball. The dark side of gardening. Excellent site!
HDRA: Henry Doubleday Research Association: an international membership organization, researching and promoting organic horticulture and agriculture. It's for everyone. We joined and there are many benefits for members along with promoting a great association and cause!
Horticulture Net: Looking for a gardening organization? How about databases of flowers, insects etc. Check out horticulture net!
It's A Small Garden After All: For the small garden area to help get the maximum from the minimum.
Joe and Mindy's Garden: You just have to see this! Very cool! After you see their page it is hard to believe J&M are apartment gardeners with understanding neighbors!
Listservers: Lists of automated discussion groups you can join. There is one for organic gardening!
National Gardening: All kinds of info and sources for gardeners
Northern Nut Growers Association
People, Places & Plants magazine
Plant Tracker: This resource can help you to decide which varieties to plant, and to discover edible, medicinal or other household uses for common plants that you have now. Informative site by Lee Flier.
Rodales Organic Gardening: OG online.
Sonic Bloom: Interesting stuff about the effects of sound on germination and plant growth.
USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research: and Education (SARE) program: Check out the latest info on sustainable agriculture from the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). On line books and a database of research projects.
Pestis: Pesticide Information Service: Searchable database listing pesticide regulations, effects on health, and first aid.
Weed Identification: Cornells guide to weed ID. If you can't figure out what that *%#$%*@ weed is check here!

Sherrys Greenhouse: 1997 tomato source guide listing over 300 varieties (downloadable). This is also a great place for greenhouse information of all sorts!
Greenhouse Gardening Homepage:  A monthly web publication related to gardening and greenhouse growing. In depth information on seed starting and raising bedding plants.

Algys Herb Page: Devoted to herb resources, uses etc.

American Rose Society: Everyone loves roses! Visit the pros!

Chile-heads Home Page:  Everything you wanted to know about chiles is here! From growing to cooking. Plus a fantastic collection of recipes that you can download.
Friends of the Daylilies: For all you daylily fans!
Guide to Growing Dahlias: Featuring dahlia culture and exhibiting.
Irises: Information and links for iris admirers.
Yesterday's Rose: A site devoted to old time rose culture, history etc.

GIF Animation Station
Tennys Internet Starting Page:
An eclectic, interesting  listing of sites from gardening to computer aniamation.
Chucks  Original GIF Animation
Depeche Mode Home Page: Wish you were in Tiajuana eating barbecued iguana?