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Title: Tenny's Gardening Page
Tenny's Gardening Page
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new Elk Mountain Nursery - A mail order source of quality perennials, shrubs, trees and vines native to Eastern North America.
new GardenMart - Congratulations .... you have arrived at the Internets Premiere Gardening Site!
new Golden Harvest - A site on organic gardening including companion planting, animal control, homemade disease and insect remedies. Organic, heirloom, rare and biodynamic seed companies.
new Traditional Gardening - A Journal of Practical Information on Creating and Restoring Classic Gardens. This is the electronic version of a new gardening journal which concentrates on traditional gardening techniques of interest to historical preservationists as well as the average gardener who would like to approach their garden with an eye toward classical authenticity.
Arbor Day Foundation - The National Arbor Day Foundation
Ask Earl - The Yard Care Answer Guy -
Books That Work - The Complete Guide to Garden Stuff. This guide contains information on more than 500 items. It covers everything from tools and pesticides, to gargoyles and bonsai. Use it to find the right item for your job, or to learn more about something you already own.
Burpee - Welcome to the online spot for gardeners -- the Burpee Home Garden Page.
Butterfly Zone - Your Butterfly Gardening Connection
Cornucopia! A Basket Full of Gardening and Culinary Tips - We're proud that we've designed Cornucopia! as a comprehensive resource of creative Gardening and Culinary ideas plus daily records of "How to..." that turn your hobby into a world class art. That's what Cornucopia! A Basket Full of Gardening and Culinary TipsTM delivers.
Cream of the Crop Tulips - A site where they sell various types of Tulips. The site also includes additional gardening links.
Florida Wildflower Page - A warm welcome to the latest edition of Florida Wildflower Showcase, a special meeting place for wildflower enthusiasts, photographers, botanists, students, and all who love nature.
Garden Notebook - Follow along with me as I Plan, Plant, WEED and Harvest our garden.
Garden Pages - Thank the seasonal gods that Spring has sprung, and while you're passing out gratitude, thank Joyce Schillen for planting a breath of fresh air online. Here you'll find out, step-by-step, how to raise successful seedlings and how to create a garden with style.
Gardening at Telperion Productions - Irises, hostas, hardy succulents (sedums and sempervivums), and more; photos
Gardens and Gardening - This WebSITE is for those interested in the art and science of the Electronic Garden, a place where many things are possible.....
Gardens and Gardening Information Page - Several links relating to gardens and gardening.
GARDENS+GARDENING - This WebSITE is for those interested in the art and science of the Electronic Garden, a place where many things are possible.....
Growing EDGE Magazine - These pages are primarily gardening and publishing links, since The Growing EDGE magazine features articles on high tech horticulture and gardening.
Growing Myself - This page is about a very talented garden writer and her latest book, _GROWING MYSELF: A Spiritual Journey Through Gardening_, published by Dutton/Penguin. The author, Judith Handelsman, has written the memoirs of a plant lover.
GrowRoom - Your link to hydroponics -
HomeArts - We hope that you enjoy the HomeArts On-Line Network. With 4,000 carefully edited pages, it's a healthy-size taste of even bigger things to come.
Horticulture Digest Home Page - Horticulture Magazine by Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service CTAHR, Department of Horticulture
Horticulture Guy - If you are interested in gardening, landscaping your home, or attracting (and sometimes selectively discouraging) wildlife you have come to the right place.
Horticulture in Virtual Perspective - This server is maintained by Dr. Tim Rhodus at The Ohio State University in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.
Horticulture Information Leaflets - Leaflets from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
HortSoft - Producers of a horticulture related CD-ROM disk. Their site explains this product and also contains numerous links to other gardening sites.
ICanGarden.com Home Page - A Canadian specific site for amateurs or professionals dealing with northern climate gardening.
Internet Gardening -
Iris Homepage - This page includes links to information on irises at this site and across the web.
Joe's and Mindy's WebGarden!! - Garden: A plot of ground, usually enclosed, devoted to the cultivation of useful or ornamental plants, vegetables, herbs, fruits, or flowers; a piece of ground or other space, commonly with ornamental plants and trees, used as a place of public resort; a highly cultivated region of luxuriant vegetation; a fertile and delightful spot.
Listing of Garden Catalogs to order - This is a large list of over 850 catalogs. They were compiled by Cyndi Johnston from comments by the members of the gardening listserver.
Master Gardener Information - Data compiled and provided by: Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
Neighborhood Gardener - Beautifully manicured by Howard T. Lee, this straight-to-the-point gardening infocenter provides the answers you've probably been seeking on those lawn maintenance hassles.
Northern Gardening - Contains loads of information that is important to gardeners who reside in the North.
Official Seed Starting Home Page - Visit The Official Seed Starting Home Page for all your seed starting needs! Get fast facts on starting vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for your garden.
Plant Tracker - You can use this database (of over 7000 plants) to find out whether a plant is edible, medicinal or used for something you probably never suspected - like cleaners, wax or baby diapers.
The Butterfly WebSite - ** Butterfly Gardening ** Raising Butterflies ** Education ** Conservation ** This is the Internet home of Rick Mikula , prominent butterfly expert and proprietor of Hole-in-Hand Butterfly Farm.
The Rhododendron Page - An on-line reference to the genus Rhododendron.
The Virtual Garden - An excellent gardening site. Lots of pictures, and lots of information.
Virtual Gardener Magazine - An electronic magazine with organic roots.
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