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Finding Answers

The Gardener's Guide to Finding Answers on the Internet
The Garden Gate's useful pointers on how to zero in on answers to specific gardening questions.


Algy's Herb Page
The place of all things herby. Revamped and worth another visit. Searchable.
Cooperative Extensions by State
Find out what your state's Cooperative Extension has to offer. Can be an excellent source of regional horticulture information. Don't forget to check neighboring states, too, for information relevant to your USDA Zone and climate. From WWW Virtual Library: Gardening
The Gardening Launching Pad
A large collection of gardening links organized into categories.
A Resource Center for Gardening Enthusiasts brings us an online source for information on gardens and gardening in the real world. GardenNet's Guide to Internet Resources offers a alphabetical topic index of resources on the Internet. Maintained by Cheryl Trine.
Internet Directory for Botany - Gardening
An extensive alphabetical list of gardening links from the excellent Internet Directory for Botany.
TAEX Clipart Collection
Excellent searchable clipart collection from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Highly recommended for all things vegetable.
The WebGarden at OSU [-The Garden Gate's Pick-]
A bumper crop of fact sheets and Internet gardening resources. Home of the Factsheet Database. Maintained at Ohio State University by Dr. Tim Rhodus.
The Virtual Garden [-The Garden Gate's Pick-]
The completely revamped Time-Life Virtual Garden is worth another visit if you haven't checked it out in a while. The new layout is is attractive, well-organized, and easier to navigate.
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Gardening
Part of the WWW Virtual Library, maintained by Robert Stewart, editor and publisher of GardenWeb.


Carnivorous Plants Database
This database includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all Carnivorous Plants. For some entries, pictures or other information is available, by clicking on highlighted descriptions in the entry.
Herb Directory.
From Penn State. Directory of over 60 commonly grown herbs. Excellent cultural facts sheets include information on harvesting and uses.
Herb Finder
Search a database of over 400 herbs by various criteria. Results give only very basic cultural information, i.e. light requirements, so this database is best used in conjunction with other resources which can fill in the gaps.
Perennial Finder
Search a database of over 1500 herbs by various criteria. Results do not always list plants by their full botanical names and give the most basic cultural information, i.e. light requirements, so this database is best used in conjunction with other resources which can fill in the gaps.
HTGrover - Landscape Plant Selection Knowledgebase
Search the knowledgebase by selecting by type, USDA Zone, size, and over 60 other criteria (don't choose too many at once, or your search will come up empty; use Reload to clear the form). Centre for Landscape Research, University of Toronto.
National PLANTS Database Access
From the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. Replaces the National List of Scientific Names (NLSN). The PLANTS Database provides a single source of standardized information about plants. PLANTS provides standardized plant names, symbols and other plant attribute information. Still under development. Not all database query features have been fully implemented.
Plant Encyclopedia [-The Garden Gate's Pick-]
Kudos to Books That Work for making the database from their Plant Encylcopedia searchable online. Search over 1000 plants by color, flowering time, and light requirements.
Plant Materials Database (OSU)
Searchable database of 600 ornamental plants. With images.
USDA Zonefinder
Another useful tool from the Toolshed at The Virtual Garden.
The Virtual Garden Electronic Encyclopedia
Time Life Inc's Virtual Garden features a searchable database of over 3000 plants based on their Gardener's Encyclopedia.
WebGarden Factsheet Database [-The Garden Gate's Pick-]
Dr. Tim Rhodus of OSU's WebGarden offers us a searchable database of over 5000 factsheets from dozens of University and Cooperative Extension sites in the US, Canada and the Netherlands.
Weed Images and Descriptions
Know Your Enemy! From Rutgers.

FAQs and Homepages

Asclepiads - The Asclepiad Page
Information about the family Asclepiadaceae - milkweeds and carrion flowers.
Associations, Plant Societies
Cacti and Succulents
Community Gardens
  • Tons of good information from the City Farmer at Canada's Office for Urban Agriculture.
  • Rot Web. Lots of good information on home composting.
Cut Flowers
  • Algy's Herb Page. Algy offers a large collection of links for information on herb growing, medicinal uses, catalogs, and discussion groups.
  • Culinary Herb FAQ. Henriette Kress' Culinary Herb FAQ offers the distillation of the cumulative gardening and cooking skills of rec.gardens readers.
  • Directory of Herbs. From Penn State.Directory of over 60 commonly grown herbs.
  • GardenNet's collection of links to Internet resources.
  • Medicinal Herb FAQ. Henriette Kress' Medicinal Herb FAQ offers the distillation of the cumulative knowledge alt.folklore.herbs readers.
  • SunSITE Herb Archives. Maintained by Larry London.
  • The Iris Page Jim Wilson's Iris Page offers cultural tips, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as lists of suppliers, organizations, reference books and other useful information.
Japanese Gardens
  • Japanese Garden Database. An excellent resource for anyone interested in the art of the Japanese Garden. By Robert Cheetham.
Mailing Lists
Mailorder - Plants by Mail
  • Plants by Mail FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions on ordering plants by mail. Complete with a list of recommended (and NOT) catalogs as well as a list of catalogs with evaluations. Maintained by Joe Robinson.
Native Plants and Wildflowers
  • Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening By Allyn Weaks. Also offers a mailing list, pnw-natives.
  • The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois. Learn about the Grand Prairie in an illustrated WWW article by Dr. Ken Robertson of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Over 80 original photographs of prairies and native prairie plants. Bibliography.
  • Wildflowers in Bloom Images and growing information on wildflower gardens and meadows taken from the Wildseed Farm catalog. These mostly annual wildflowers come from all over the world and even include favorite 'garden escapes'. Includes pictures of seedlings.
  • Linda's Orchid Page. Don't let the humble title mislead, Linda offers up a well-organized collection of information, illustrations and photos as well as links for the orchid-lover.
  • The Orchid House An collection of original information for the orchid grower, everything from a lists of journals and growers to information on showing and judging orchids.
Ornamental Grasses
  • Ornamental Grasses. An excellent collection of information on ornamental grasses with over 80 photos. In English and Dutch by Rudi Van Overloop.
  • The Hardy Palms FAQ If you long to add a touch of the tropics to your garden, don't despair. The Hardy Palms FAQ is here to help.
Plant Propagation
  • Archives and FAQs Larry London at SunSite has put together these WWW pages for easier access to the rec.gardens archives and FAQs at SunSITE.
  • Strawberry Facts. Everything about strawberries from strawberry songs to strawberry jam.
Urban Agriculture
  • Tons of good information from the City Farmer at Canada's Office for Urban Agriculture.
Water Gardening
  • Pete's Pond Page Pete tells all about his experience constructing his pond, provides a list of suppliers, and throws in some very nice pictures of his pond for good measure.
  • International Waterlily Society offers information about the Society as well as a good collection of water gardening links.
Wildflowers. See under Native Plants, above.


BOTRTS: Roots of Botanical Names
Over 1000 roots from a- to zyg-. Did you know that 'Lavender' (Lavandula) comes from the Latin word 'to wash'? Ever wonder why the daylily is called Hemerocallis? Or what angustifolia means? Look it up in the BOTRTS glossary. Originally compiled by Bob Riffle.
Glossary of Horticultural Terms
C stands for Circus Animal Manure. Extended glossary of over 140 horticultural terms and phrases from Activated Charcoal to Zinc Deficiency. From the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service's Horticulture Solutions.
Pesticide Glossary
By the folks at Ortho, who should know.

Additional Glossaries.


Black Walnut - underplanting
An extensive list of plants which will co-exist peacably with the black walnut. Source: American Horticultural Society.
Butterfly Garden Plant List
A butterfly garden's list of plants for Zone 5. Includes many tallgrass prairie natives.
Deer-resistant Plants
Landscape Designer Jeff Chorba offers this very helpful list along with his article Designing for Deer Resistance: Combining Flora with Fauna.
Dictionary of Plants
From Ohio State's Horticulture in Virtual Perspective, illustrated lists of annuals, bulbs, ferns, grasses, groundcovers, perennials, shrubs, trees, and vines.
Selected Plants for Special Situations
Looking for slope stabilizers? Lawn alternatives? Plants for heavy shade? Check out this useful list from the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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