The Cook's Garden -- Seeds & Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: The Cook's Garden -- Seeds & Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden

The Cook's Garden
Seeds & Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden

As many of you who have been with us over the years know, we began nearly twenty years ago as market gardeners here in Vermont selling organically grown specialty vegetables to fine restaurants. Our signature product was a mixture of hard to find European and Asian salad greens we called Mesclun, after the French colloquial term for mixture. Then we opened a retail farm stand and organic garden center. We began selling seed because many of our customers only visited on the weekends, and they wanted to be able to grow some of our specialties in their own gardens at home. They understood that with the right seed and a bit of attention they could have a garden that provided them with vegetables and flowers far more exciting, and more healthy than what they could find in their local supermarkets their own Cook's Garden. If you'd like to visit our trial and display gardens next to Gardener's Supply Company at the Intervale in Burlington, Vermont, here's a map.

Over time, these incidental sales gave birth to a listing, then a catalog, and now this web site, offering the latest in seeds and supplies for kitchen gardeners, and our Heirloom Tomato and Pepper Site, with a hundred tried and true favorites for every cuisine and climate. In the years since, we have scoured the world, looking for the consummate vegetable varieties for various cuisines: the ultimate pesto basil from Italy, heirloom melons from France, pac-choi from Japan and leeks from England to name just a few. We developed strong relationships with growers of the famous Walla Walla onions, and certified organic seed potato producers in Maine, we walked the cut flower fields of Holland with breeders and seed producers to choose the best possible cut flowers for the table, all to help you have the ultimate kitchen garden. With this site, we want to complete the circle by providing a source of convenient, comprehensive information to help you with your ongoing quest to bring the best to the table.We hope you'll join us!

Ellen & Shepherd Ogden


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