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Discover the features and benefits of the Airponic® System of accelerated plant growth, and learn more about Bioponic as an environmentally conscious investment opportunity.

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Learn more about:

  • Airponic Technology -- Accelerated plant growth solutions for the 21st Century
  • Environmental Applications -- Rapid reforestation, habitat restoration, land reclamation, erosion control and halting desertification
  • Sustainable Agricultural and Horticultural Applications -- Increased production of superior plants, as well as protection of rare and endangered species
  • Phytochemical Research & Development -- For scientific and academic applications of botanical medicinals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics
  • Consumer Products -- The Bioponic Home Grower, the Advanced Wheatgrass Grower, and the XR-Series Lab Module for scientific and academic R&D applications
  • Investment Information -- For environmentally conscious and socially responsible investors

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