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Cheryl J. Lipton

Hey folks, hope you enjoy this website and find some things either interesting, or useful, or stimulating. Of course, it is under construction, and will hopefully become better with time and experience on my part. Any and all suggestions are welcome and encouraged. (Email me from the bottom of the page.)

Subjects included here are:

Favorite Links

A pond I designed and built

Here are some of the Landscape Architecture - Design - Planning sites that I frequent. I've found them both useful and interesting at times.


e.LAN WWW Information Centre

American Planning Association

The Planning Commissioners Journal's -Planners Web-

Planning and Architecture Internet Resource

Some of these "Conservation" sites are also very useful in the world of landscape design.

Urban Ecology

e design Online Surfing the Net for Sustainable Development

The Nature Conservancy

A most relaxing hobby is gardening. And when all goes well, it's so productive, too. I garden organically, so the vegetables my garden produces are not only much more delicious than "storebought", but healthier for me, my friends and family, and the natural environment. And it's fun!

Rodale Press Gardening

HomeArts Bloom!

Garden Escape Home Page

Reston home and garden bulletin board

One of the joys of my life is being in the outdoors, hopefully with not too much "civilization" around. And so, I go hiking. When I can't, rather than surf, I hike the net (there are lots of great links here): 

Backpacker Magazine's BaseCamp


Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

One of the most important loves of my life is Tasha. After almost fourteen and a half wonderful, joyous years of love and companionship, she was taken from me by canine lymphoma. Although nothing can stop the missing her, I did find some comfort on the web. Here are some sites that might help you just a little, too, though it may feel like nothing will help. There are also sites here for pet health questions, among other things. 


Lightning Strike Pet Loss Page

Donaldson-Atwood Cancer Clinic


Electronic Zoo - NetVet - Dog Page

You can reach me by e-mail at: cjl114@psu.edu

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