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Lawrence F. London, Jr.

Title: Wisconsin Farmer Networks

Wisconsin Farmer Networks

One of the strengths of Wisconsin agriculture is the state's extraordinary web of farmer-to-farmer networks. These networks sponsor public field days, workshops, and on-farm demos and help farmers get together informally to walk pasture and talk grass farming or share economic, production, and quality of life concerns. Some networks also sponsor or organize on-farm research and share the results with their members. They provide farmers, UW researchers, extension faculty, specialists, and others excellent opportunities to learn from each other.

The management intensive rotational grazing community in Wisconsin is particularly active in farmer-to-farmer networking. In addition to sponsoring local activities, grazing networks in the state have banded together to form GrassWorks, Inc., which sponsors the annual—and very well attended—Wisconsin Grazing Conference in Stevens Point.

Other networks have an interest in sustainability or sustainable ag research, particular production practices (like organic vegetable and dairy production), marketing and value-added enterprises, issues of interest to women in farming, and more.

A farmer-to-farmer network CIAS research update is available.

Management Intensive Grazing Networks

Wisconsin Sustainable Agriculture Networks

Management Intensive Grazing Networks

Central Wisconsin River Graziers Network

Columbia County Graziers

Dane-Green Graziers

Fond-O-Grass Graziers

Great Lakes Basin Intensive Rotational Grazing Network

Great River Graziers

Kickapoo Organic Resource Network (KORN)

Marsh Graziers

Lafayette County Rotational Growers Network

North Central Graziers Network

Northland Graziers

North West Wisconsin Graziers

Ocooch Graziers Network

Sauk County Grazing Network

Waupaca County Grazing Network

Wisconsin Sustainable Agriculture Networks

Eastern Wisconsin Sustainable Farmers Network

Farm Family Support Group Network

Northeast Wisconsin Sustainable Farmers Network

Western Wisconsin Sustainable Farming Network

Wisconsin Women's Sustainable Farming Network

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