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Title: PCEI's Home Page
Palouse- Clearwater
Environmental Institute

"PCEI is a major contributor to the quality of life that makes our community so special. The Van Pools and Paradise Creek Restoration projects are just two of their many accomplishments that add immeasureable value to the community. We are very fortunate to have PCEI."

B.J. Swanson, Vice President, North Idaho Banking Center

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Learn about the Carol Ryrie Brink Nature Park.

Serving north Idaho and eastern Washington state, USA. The program areas of PCEI are:

Sustainable Agriculture.

Transportation. Water Quality. Environmental Education

We are constantly updating PCEI's site. As a community organization, we welcome any suggestions and comments or items you would like included on our monthly calendar. Send these to pcei@moscow.com

As a grass roots public interest group, we are always in need of volunteers!

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The mission of the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI) is to increase citizen involvement in decisions that affect our region's environment. Through community organizing and education, PCEI assists members of our communities in making environmentally sound and economically viable decisions that promote a sustainable future.

Through our efforts and success record, PCEI has established itself as a credible grassroots organization capable of mobilizing people and providing technical support for individuals and community groups to become involved in solving environmental problems. As the clearinghouse for information on local and regional issues, we receive about 300 requests per year for technical assistance. Community support and respect for our work is strong.

PCEI is celebrating its tenth year as a goal oriented, success driven instrument for local involvement in environmental issues. We are well known for our capability in building coalitions among diverse groups of people. Our seven project staff have a combined 25 years of community organizing experience. Our current membership is over 600 and there are 100 PCEI volunteers.

A quick look at the people of PCEI...

Staff Board of Directors

Please contact us at:

Palouse- Clearwater Environmental Institute
P O Box 8596
112 West 4th St., Suite 1
Moscow, Idaho 83843-1096

P O Box 431
Pullman, Washington 99163

Phone (208)882-1444
FAX (208)882-8029

email: pcei@moscow.com

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