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Lawrence F. London, Jr.

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Dear fellow agricultural enthusiast,

	We have borrowed your desktop real-estate 
for a minute to tell you about two great new 
agricultural resources. 

1. AgriSurf! - the worlds largest searchable 
   agricultural web index. 

2. The AgriSurfer - the worlds first HTML compliant 
   email newsletter for agriculture.

AgriSurf! has links to everything agricultural 
on the internet - from wheat cropping to fish 
farming, from forestry to tillage equipment. 
If you are looking for agricultural info on 
the WWW - this is a great place to start.

'The AgriSurfer' brings the latest agricultural
web happenings right to you email inbox! Not
only does it include pictures, but also 
hot links right to the sites of interest.

With more agricultural sites indexed than the 
two leading mainstream web indexes combined we 
think you will vastly increase your chances 
of finding the sites you need by using these 

Our motto is 'more grain, less chaff' and our
aim is to provide you with more and better 
information in less time. Our services are
totally free. Please check us out!

Happy Surfing!

The AgriSurf! Management



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it will be of interest to you. Our sincere 
apologies if this is not the case. Our
return email addresses are valid. You will
not be bothered with this notification again.
You may be notified of our special offers
for not-for-profit, and research/educational
organizations if you are a member of such
a group.

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