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UC SAREP Cover Crop Resource Page

UC SAREP Cover Crop Database

The UC SAREP Cover Crop Database includes over 5,000 items gleaned from more than 600 separate sources, including journal articles, conference proceedings, standard textbooks, unpublished data, and personal communications from researchers and farmers. The information in the database concerns the management and effects of more than 32 species of plants usable as cover crops. More than 400 different cover crop images are also available for viewing online. The database was developed with funding from USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE), the State of California's Water Resources Control Board, and the California Energy Commission.

The information presented here comes from diverse sources, which may vary in reliability. Some data are based on greenhouse studies, which may give different results than the field. Others are based on limited field observations, sometimes only one year and one location. Still others are based on personal observations, and are noted as such. For details, see the original articles (cited in the data base) that discuss the cover crop in which you are interested. We will update the database as more data become available from ongoing research.

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  • Cover Crop Research and Education Summaries

    The report includes more than 40 summaries of research projects relating to cover cropping. The summaries were compiled by former SAREP perennial cropping systems analyst Chuck Ingels, chair of the UC Cover Crops Workgroup. The workgroup, which includes 80 University of California personnel and several individuals from outside the university, was created bring together UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors and specialists, DANR faculty and others to share information on cover cropping, determine the highest priority research and extension needs, and coordinate activities to fulfill these needs.

    1994-1996 University of California Cover Crop Resources and Education Summaries Report

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