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Title: Timber Press Gardener's Bookmarks
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Gardener's Bookmarks

Reference and Resource Pages
Electronic Gardens
Botanical Illustrations and Photographs
Plant Societies and Organizations
Pacific Northwest Gardening
Timber Authors
Links To Us

Reference and Resource Pages
Trilliums join the new Trilliums-L mail list (as of July 4th) and view some drool-worthy pictures
Botany and Fieldbiology Sites an enormous list of U.S. and European sites
Come Into My Garden a extensive gardening reference page by a Texas Master Gardener
Linda's Orchid Page for those firmly in the grip of orchid obsession
PLANTS database provides a single source of standardized information about plants
Smithsonian Natural History Page the museum's exhibits, programs, and research
CSUBIOWEB - Botany a frequently updated list of botany resources
Bryologists for those devoted to the study of mosses, liverworts, and hornworts
California Rare Fruit Growers information on rare and unusual edible fruit
Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs a massive list of garden plant suppliers
Ethnobotany Database plant-use and chemical searches, ethnobotany dictionary, and rain forest data
Gardener's Launching Pad over 1,300 links for the home gardener
A Grandmother's Garden links to on-line gardening news and articles
I Can Garden a great resource for the Canadian gardener
Irises articles, news, and societies concerned with irises, plus sumptuous images
John's Rainbow Garden an extensive list of gardening links
Strictly Hibiscus gorgeous hibiscus pictures and related links
The Trellis over 150 garden-related links
World Wide Fund for Nature sponsor of Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation by David R. Given
Joe and Mindy's WebGarden an encyclopedic look at garden-related sites
Internet Hort Link a mammoth, ten-volume list of horticultural sites
The Orchid House orchid facts, web sites, vendors, and culture notes
Bonsai Web a virtual bonsai show, bonsai links, and a water gardening page
National Wildflower Research Center committed to preserving native plants
Purdue's Virtual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory rapid pest identification
Carnivorous Plant Database an exhaustive database with 3,000 plant entries
Botanical Gardens and Arboreta links to many web sites, including resources on taxonomy and plant classification
W3TROPICOS Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST (VAScular Tropicos) database
The Flowering Plant Gateway at Texas A & M information on nomenclature, taxonomy, phytogeography, biodiversity, and ethnobotany
Pond Rushes great tips and links for those interested in pond construction

Electronic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew collections, research, and databases
The Missouri Botanical Garden's Web Space virtual tours and image galleries

Botanical Illustrations and Photographs
Botany botanical illustrations from the Vatican Library
Flowering Plant Family Access Page impressive pictures and data on flowering plants
Greenleaf Garden's Photo Gallery beautiful pictures of azaleas and rhododendrons
Hosta Pictures an extensive collection of hosta photographs
Pete's Pond Page a truly inspiring overview of his pond's progress
Starlight Daylily Gardens - Daylily Gallery delicious daylily graphics
Yesterday's Roses great pics and data on old and old-fashioned garden roses
Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians pictures of trilliums, wildflower resources
Windowsill Orchids North American and Old World orchid graphics
Flora of Europe an amateur photo herbarium with 550 flower pictures
Tulip Book the elegant 17th-century nursery catalog of P. Cos

Plant Societies and Organizations
The American Horticultural Society feature articles from the "American Gardener"
American Botanical Council/Mission a link to the educational journal HerbalGram
Horticultural Societies a list of amateur and professional associations
The Society for Growing Australian Plants an Aussie plant photo gallery
ASHS Home Page the people, programs, and publications of the ASHS
OrchidWeb a great launching pad into the orchid world, brought to you by the AOS
International Camellia Society Homepage tips and research on these showy plants
Daylilies Growing Along The Information Highway Home Page gorgeous daylily pics and more
Friends of Trees promotes the planting and protection of urban trees

Pacific Northwest Gardening
Gardening Unlimited home of the garden post for customized garden news
Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest includes a complete species list of native plants and landscaping tips
Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening tips for gardening with natives and sources for plants
Debra Teachout-Teashon gardening with emphasis on the Pacific Northwest
The Gardener's Advantage garden products for the Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Gardening Home Page a great source for gardeners west of the Cascades

Timber Authors
Garden Aesthetics home page of landscape designer Linda Engstrom collaborator on Al Roger's Peonies
Brent Dickerson home page of the author of The Old Rose Advisor
The Sheehans a brief biography of the authors of The Survey of Orchid Genera
Kåre Bremer the research interests of the author of Asteraceae
The Internet Guide to Myxomycetes information on slime molds, created with the assistance of Steven Stephenson Myxomycetes

Links to Us
San Marcos Growers a wholesale nursery offering unusual plants and responsible for introducing two new California native Sage hybrids
The Orchid Mall orchid plant sources, events, societies, and photos
GardenWeb the Cyber-Plantsman, the Garden Spider's Web and many gardening forums
H @ H Botanicals growers and sellers of rare herbs, rock plants, and perennials
Rochester Gardening the Upstate Gardener's Journal and gardening links
Strawberry Press home of the Euphorbia Journal and sites for succulent nuts
GardenNet online garden shop and links to gardening magazines
Rippingale Nursery a wholesale nursery with an excellent selection of hardy ornamentals
J. Frank Schmidt & Sons Co. an Oregon tree wholesale nursery
Internet Directory of Botany with an alphabetical and category search list
Flora Source newswire where horticulture meets floriculture
San Diego Fern Society Southern California fern friends
International Waterlily Society home of the waterlily cam and lots of links
Glasshouse Works a rare-plant nursery with tropicals, carnivorous plants, and much more
Plants of the Machiguenga a virtual tour of the Peruvian Rain Forest
The Fuchsia Page everything fuchsia, plus many gardening links


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