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UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- right now I'm just posting the results of my own searches. As I visit these sites I'll add a rating system!

CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) is one way that consumers and farmers are working together to address some of the environmental and social problems associated with agriculture and agribusiness. In 1986 there were two CSA farms in the USA (both in Massachusetts). We started ours in 1991, and as of this writing the conservative estimate for active CSAs is close to 600! It's an idea whose time has come.

The following list is just from the first ten pages of 4,000 hits on my Altavista web search on "Community-Supported Agriculture". As I get a chance to visit these sites myself, I'll add some sort of rating system to help you sort through this rapidly-growing body of information.

Determinants of Participation in Community Supported Agriculture: Abstract of a work-in-progress in collaboration with Cheryl Brown, Chris Dumas, and Lori Lynch. - size 2K - 27 Jan 97

Community-Supported Agriculture. Helena Norberg-Hodge. Adapted extract from an article by Helena Norberg-Hodge entitled 'From catastrophe to community' - size 3K - 7 May 96

Community Supported Agriculture Community Supported Agriculture. by Marilyn Meller and Jim Sluyter. One of the fundamentals of community economics is access to locally grown produce. A... - size 9K - 26 Jul 95

Community Supported Agriculture Conference, 1995 Western Region. November 12-14 -- Cowell Theater -- Fort Mason Center -- San Francisco, CA. On the Path to.- size 13K - 27 Jul 96

"Community Supported Agriculture" Workshop (SA Fall 1993 (v5n5)) Fall 1993 (v5n5) "Community Supported Agriculture" Workshop. A workshop and tour offering practical information on community supported... - size 2K - 16 Sep 96

Grassroots.Marketing.@g Online Comment: community supported agriculture community supported agriculture. Posted by Kitt Plummer (kitt_plummer@tcs.teradyne.com) on Tuesday, November 28 at 10:39 AM CDT. I would like information... - size 2K - 7 Mar 97

ET 4/94: Community Supported Agriculture or, the Next Best Thing to owning a farm, by Jack Innis. LIVING ON A FARM ... a fantasy for many San Diegans. Imagine ..... - size 11K - 20 Feb 97

What is Community-Supported Agriculture? What is Community Supported Agriculture and How Does It Work? Food is a basic human need. Yet for most of us in the U.S., it is merely an inexpensive... - size 15K - 8 Apr 97

AGRICULTURE at NRDC: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) -- Farm Support wit Since the mid-1980s, more than 400 communities in the U.S. have banded together with local farms in food purchasing cooperatives that match consumers - size 4K - 27 Feb 97

CSA FAQ's. Community Supported Agriculture - What is it ? Community Supported Agriculture is a grass roots movement in the United States and Canada which.. - size 5K - 28 Aug 96

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE paper - Consumer Attitudes Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 18:55:58 -0500 From: okra@gate.ioa.com (Gerry Cohn/Jessica... - size 2K - 17 Oct 96

PANUPS: CSA Conference Draws 350+ P A N U P S *** Pesticide Action Network North America Updates Service * January 12,... - size 7K - 4 Mar 97

Organically Grown! Heather Martin, Sadie Forsythe, Elizabeth Henry, and Sheela Iris. Have you ever wondered where or how the vegetables you buy are grown?. - size 2K - 10 May 96

West Haven Farm at EVI West Haven Farm. Ithaca, New York, USA. Community Supported Agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture is a new relationship between farmers and... - size 4K - 16 Sep 96

CSA-L E-mail List Hopepage Community Supported Agriculture. Homepage for the E-Mail List CSA-L@prairienet.org http://www.prairienet.org/ pcsa/CSA-L.html. The e-mail list... - size 10K - 1 Jan 97

DISCOVER BEETROOT CSA HEARTBEET CSA. A Community Supported Agriculture. in Putney Vermont P.O. Box 796, Putney, VT 05346 (802)387-4474 or (802) 387-2338. Located at Patch Farm,. - size 3K - 24 May 96

Outreach. Economic Analysis of Community Supported Agriculture in the Northeast. Regional Economic Impact Study. Short Course in Statistics. Conference... - size 6K - 27 Feb 97

Earth-Friendly Living -- Planet ENN, Dec. 2, 1996 First Story Cover Page Past Editions. Earth-Friendly Living Community-supported agriculture is good for your health, the environment and the local farm.... - size 7K - 4 Mar 97

Stewards of the Earth (SE) is based in Goleta, California, on a century-old organic farm surrounded by urban development, which. - size 2K - 6 Mar 97

The Local Food System. There are a significant number of examples around the world where urban communities have established links with rural agricultural.. - size 1K - 27 Feb 97

COMMUNITY INFORMATION: Health Care Courtesy of Prairienet. Food & amp Nutrition. Common Ground Food Co-Op Family Nutrition Program Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture. Health & amp Wellness. - size 4K - 10 Jan 97

MFAI Educational Activities Update November 1996. Vol.4, No.3 Published by Michael Fields Agricultural Institute Fall 1996. ORGANIC-BIODYNAMIC VEGETABLE... - size 9K - 8 Nov 96

Small Farmers Jam "Subscription" Farming Conference (SA Summer 1994 (v6n3) mall Farmers Jam "Subscription" Farming Conference. by Gail Feenstra, SAREP. More than 125 people, most of them small family. - size 9K - 16 Sep 96

267CSA_Resources From: "Brian DeVore LSP" Reply-To: "Brian DeVore LSP" To: sanet-mg@amani.ces.ncsu.edu Subject: CSA Resources Date: Tue, 17 Oct 95 08:33:55 -0500 The Land.. - size 3K - 17 Oct 96

Earthworks Director: Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC 9805 Union Rd, Plymouth, IN 46563 Phone: 219-935-4164. About Earthworks. Earthworks is operated by the... - size 870 bytes - 26 Oct 96

University of Idaho--Ag Communications Center News Releases September News Releases. IDAHO'S FOOD "SUBSCRIBERS" SIGN UP FOR COMMUNITY-SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE--September 30, 1996 -- A/P Column. NATIONAL... - size 23K - 29 Oct 96

Barn Sides - Central Time Zone - Personal Pages Reply To: elee@itis.com. Info on co-ops including housing co-ops, food co-ops, grocery co-ops, farm co-ops, community.. - size 3K - 6 Aug 96

AlterEco - Food Co-operatives. Many food co-operatives are based on bulk food buying although some also incorporate community gardens and Community Supported... - size 2K - 3 Jun 96

Landscape and Gardening. Good Earth Organic Farm Community Supported Agriculture. A Pest-Free Home. Hortus Gardening Journal [new] - A privately published... - size 2K - 12 Jun 95

EcoTopia. A Vision For Santa Cruz by Paul Lee. In November of l992, I was inspired by the example of the Homeless Garden Project, when I was informed of... - size 9K - 6 Feb 97

The Center for Agroecology & amp Sustainable Food Systems The University of California, Santa Cruz. Research I Education I Community Supported AgricultureI Apprenticeship I Preview of new agroecology textbook I... - size 2K - 7 Mar 97

106CSAs From: Cheryl Brown. Subject: CSAs To: sanet-mg@amani.ces.ncsu.edu (san) Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 12:39:40 -0800 (PST) MIME-Version: 1.0 Status: U Hello... - size 2K - 17 Oct 96

The gardens at Ocean Song provide learning opportunities for volunteers, apprentices, and participants in our programs. Certified organic since 1984, we... - size 1K - 19 Mar 96

Hidden Villa offers fresh produce weekly to its shareholders. Town Crier Staff Report. Hidden Villa's Community Supported Agriculture project (CSA) offers. - size 2K - 24 Apr 96

Seven Springs Farm Agricultural Products Organic farming and gardening supplies in Floyd, Virginia - size 18K - 7 Mar 97

Silver Creek Farm Silver Creek Farm. Ted Bartlett. P.O. Box 254 7097 Allyn Rd.Hiram, OH 44234-0254 U.S.A. phone: 330-569-3487 | fax: 330-569-7076. SILVRCF@AOL.COM. Business. - size 2K - 7 Mar 97

What's New - Frugal Living Page Frugal Living Resources. What's New at this Site. Check here to look for additions since your last visit to this site. 3 March 1997. Page added for CSA... - size 48K - 28 Feb 97

Ratings. These are currently the ideas most often voted for: Title. Rating. # Ratings. Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. 95%67.... - size 9K - 28 May 96

Gob's of information about solar energy! Mr. Solar. A page of links concerning sustainable agriculture. Sustainable Communities Network. The huge and... - size 4K - 20 Feb 96

101_Community_supported_agricul Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 11:48:42 -0500 To: sanet-mg@amani.ces.ncsu.edu Subject: Re: Community supported agriculture From: milstein@pipeline.com (Sarah... - size 4K - 17 Oct 96

SAREP Awards Graduate Student Grants (SA Summer 1994 (v6n3)) Summer 1994 (v6n3) SAREP Awards Graduate Student Grants. Seven graduate students have been awarded $6,960 by UC SAREP for projects related to sustainable.. - size 4K - 16 Sep 96

COMMUNITY INFORMATION: Agribusiness Courtesy of Prairienet. Agriculture (General) Champaign County Fair Association Common Ground Food Co-Op CyberFarm Prairieland Community Supported... - size 4K - 5 Nov 96

Illinois Resources . Agriculture. Common Ground Food Co-op. Eastland Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture.. - size 14K - 6 Mar 97

Community Alliance With Family Farmers Home Page Programs, Publications, History, and how to become a member. CAFF campaigns to promote sustainable agriculture. FAQ's, Resource Groups and practical... - size 3K - 4 Mar 97

Community Supported Agriculture - Community Building. From the Ground Up. Contacts: Farm: 11904 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772... - size 2K - 13 Mar 97

Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter Fall 1993 Fall 1993. In This Issue: From the Director - Is The Answer Close to Home? "Community Supported Agriculture" Workshop. Biologically Integrated Orchard... - size 2K - 27 Jul 96

SCN Agriculture & amp Food Systems Sustainable Communities Network. Growing a Sustainable Economy Topic Area. AGRICULTURE & amp FOOD SYSTEMS. Community efforts can help preserve... - size 11K - 27 Feb 97

AGRICULTURE at NRDC: The Salad Garden Profile of a family that forsook the artist's life for dawn-to-dusk work in the fields. - size 5K - 6 Mar 97

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA) Evaluation. Developed for: California Department of Developmental Services 1600 9th... - size 61K - 16 May 96

Directory of /Docs/www/Subject/CommunitySuppAgricult/100-149 Directory of /Docs/www/Subject/CommunitySuppAgricult/100-149. Updir. 146_CSA_Trends_-_Responses_Rece. 145_CSA_Trends_-_Responses_Rece.... - size 5K - 15 Dec 96

Community Programs - Funding COMMUNITY PROGRAMS. GNWT Department of Education, Culture & amp Employment Culture & amp Heritage Grants and Contribution Funding Community Heritage... - size 3K - 26 Oct 96

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources An Introduction. Academic Programs and Departments. Cooperative Extension Service. Agricultural Experiment Station. Publications On Line. Message From The. - size 4K - 19 Dec 96

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations nbsp;Franšais. Espa˝ol. Arabic configuration. What is FAO? Statistical Databases. Agriculture.... - size 10K - 25 Feb 97

North Carolina Department of Agriculture NCDA Home Page - size 4K - 10 Feb 97

Local Businesses - Category: Agriculture Terranet Local Businesses. Category: Agriculture. | Terranet Home Page | Terranet Users | Local Home Pages | Commericial | Classifieds | Non-Profit |... - size 2K - 20 Jul 96

How to Order from Vocational Agriculture Service 160; Return to VAS home page. Ordering. Orders for instructional materials may be placed several ways. Please indicate on your order if viewing the Web... - size 2K - 15 Nov 96

Agriculture - McAllen/Reynosa Agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley. Even though urban shopping centers and real estate developments are encroaching on the tranquil fields, agriculture.. - size 3K - 27 Oct 96

The Trading Floor - Blackboard: Agriculture, Food, Feeds, Beverages The Trading Floor - Blackboard Consumer Goods. [Post Offer/Inquiry] [Main Index] [Edit Posting] [Remove Posting] Important: All Trade Leads Are Now At... - size 15K - 26 Feb 97

AGRICULTURE HOME | SEARCH | REGISTER | HELP. AGRICULTURE Pesticides/Insecticides. Copyright ę Vandelay Industries 1996. All rights reserved.01a35600. - size 989 bytes - 25 Mar 96

Opportunities in World Agriculture to 2000 Opportunities in World Agriculture to 2000. SRI analyzed key trends in world agricultural trade, technology, and biotechnology; farm management and... - size 2K - 26 Feb 97

OTHER AGRICULTURE RELATED WWW SITES SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE. OTHER AGRICULTURE RELATED SITES ON THE WWW. Agriculture Databases - Mann Library, Cornell Univerity. Agriculture Trade Information.. - size 3K - 3 May 96

Hebrew University Agriculture Main Page Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture. About the Faculty of Agriculture. Schools and Departments. Faculty Home Pages. Faculty/Graduate Student Search.... - size 2K - 25 Feb 97

Sustainable Agriculture Graphics Presentation previous slide next slide. - size 198 bytes - 26 Feb 97

Fact DB Directory : Agriculture Fact DB Directory. Agriculture. EXTOXNET : The EXtension TOXicology NETwork - EXTOXNET provides discussions of toxicological issues of concern; toxicology. - size 7K - 26 Feb 97

Environmental Regulations Compendium for Nova Scotia Agriculture Environmental Regulations Compendium for Nova Scotia Agriculture. Editor: Dennis Moerman PAg.Resource Management Specialist Nova Scotia Department of... - size 12K - 28 Aug 96

School of Agriculture Speakers Bureau North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Greensboro, NC 27411. Office of the Dean SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE (910) 334-7979 fax (910)... - size 2K - 15 Nov 96

Taiwan Agriculture Information Center This Web site provides the latest information on Taiwan's agricultural and related industries to those interested in this area. - size 4K - 12 Dec 96



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