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Title: Make the New a Heritage River

The American Heritage Rivers initiative is voluntary and locally driven; communities choose to participate and can terminate their participation at any time. No new federal agencies will be extablished. Rather the American Heritage Rivers initiative will use existing federal resources more effectively to assist communities.
To enhance federal assistance to community-based projects, the federal government will solicit nominations from communities wishing to designate their rivers as American Heritage Rivers.
Your support is needed to help make the New River one of the 10 Heritage Rivers. Time is short. The deadline is in December.
Too much work has gone into protecting the New to deny those efforts this added benefit. The communities surrounding designated rivers will receive a number of benefits, including special recognition; focused support from existing federal programs; a person (the River Navigator) to serve as a liaison between the community and the federal government; improved delivery of assistance from agencies throughout the federal government; and a good neighbor policy.
The federal government will work to integrate and streamline its approach to providing existing federal services in designated American Heritage River communities in partnership with local leadership.

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