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Title: Botany Site - Home Page from The Mining Company
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Sunday, November 02, 1997

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Death by Slow Degrees
Saving an endangered plant means more than saving just a few small patches of the species.  For many plants to survive the pollinators must also be saved, or the species will die a slow death.

Better Than a Camera
Cameras may reproduce plants more accurately, but botanical artists do it better.  Learn why botanical art is so highly valued by botanists.

Flora - Beyond the French Riviera, Provence
An online flora with the plants separated into flowers and trees.  Lots of pictures of plants from this southern part of France, the "perfume capitol of the world).

Brazil Establishes World's Largest Rainforest Reserve
A new reserve established in the state of Amazonas is now the world's largest rainforest reserve.  Report prepared by Helios Daily Science News.

Angiosperm Anatomy
Learn the basics of flowering plant anatomy from roots to flowers.   Colorful diagrams accompany the text at this site hosted by the Botany Department of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

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Plant Conservation

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Events Calendar
Includes events of botanical interest, including meetings, conferences and shows.

Let us know what you like and don't like and share exciting things you've found on the Web.

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