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Subject: Guano: Organic Fertilizer


We are  a Guano of  Islands Producers. This product is an organic Fertilizer which  is 100% Natural  and is at the same time very rich, because its NPK is 13,11,2. This fertilizer also has another importats minerals like:
Lime, Manganese, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Flour,  etc   which are very importats for many kind of crops.
You could find the Nitrogen of the Guano in three ways: Ammoniac form, Nitric and organic form. The thirds one has a low action, the transformation in an assimilable form will be helped by the bacterial action of the ground. The Uric acid is another of their  importats  organics  elements.
We want to increase our  distribution, so we need to contact with the organic fertilizer distributors or  any person who is interested. If you could send us the directory of  the ecologist agriculture operators of your area, we will be very grateful  for this information.

Ana Toledo Vega
D&R Import Export

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