University student requiring information

Dear Sir/Madam, 
	   Hello! My name is Emma Smyth and I am a second year student 
studying Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. 
I'm presently trying to think of a topic for my third year project.  I am 
very interested in sustainable agriculture and as such am interested in 
organic farming and permaculture.  I was thinking about doing some sort 
of soil quality/soil ecology and/or yields comparison between organic 
farming and/or permaculture and large agri-business style farms.  
However, I don't know where any organic farms or permaculture sites are. 
 I would be grateful if you could let me know whether there are any 
projects already going on which I may possibly be able to help with over 
the Summer. My Email address is e.smyth@uea.ac.uk  Thankyou. Yours 
Faithfully, Emma Smuth.