volunteer work


We are a South African couple, now in North America, and want to gain
experience in organic farming methods and permaculture while here.  The
general idea we have is to do volunteer work over the next year.  We are
not choosy about whether we start off working on a farm in Canada or the
USA.  It is our hope that, having got a break onto the first farm, we'll
be able to network better in order to move to other farms.  Long-term
positions are also very acceptable to us.

We are both 31 and have university degrees (education and mechanical
engineering).  We have recently completed a 2-week permaculture course,
which included aspects of eco-villages. The last two years we have been
managing a luxury (17-bed) tourist lodge in the Okavango Delta,
Botswana, whilst overseeing the management of a backpacker-type camp (70
people) on the same island.  Our skills are many and varied and we're
not afraid of hard graft.

At the moment we are staying with friends in Nova Scotia, Canada and
looking for a car to buy.  We hope to be mobile by the August 25.

We hope you can help us in our quest, either directly or by putting us
in contact with someone who could use our help. Thank you very much.

Greg Austin & Brenda Gold
Email: brengreg@hotmail.com