Since your email address was posted on a related page, I thought 
you might be able to help.

I am seeking to hire an organic or medicinal chemist who will 
utilize high speed analoging (parallel synthesis) to optimize lead 
compounds -- someone to interpret structure activity 
relationship (SAR), guide building block selections and supervise 
two associate scientists. A likely candidate would possess 
a Ph.D. with post doctoral experience.  

I represent a leading pharmaceutical firm with research facilities 
in Central, Connecticut and can provide excellent benefits 
(health insurance, dental, and vision plan, paid vacation and more).  
A high impact, high profile position with excellent opportunity 
for advancement.  

If you know anyone that might be interested please forward this 
to them, or contact:

Ben Grieve
Voice: 609-584-9000 ext. 235
Fax: 609-584-9575
E-Mail: bdg@candseek.com